WWE Rumors: Former Champion Permanently Replacing Legend On ‘Raw’ Announce Team

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Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, many WWE fans may have noticed that Jerry “The King” Lawler is not around as much. It appears his latest run as a commentator on Monday Night Raw has come to an end, and a replacement is already moving in. Rumors are swirling that WWE is so incredibly impressed with the announce work of Samoa Joe, he’s going to become the official third member of the red brand team.

Joe has dealt with several injuries over the last two years, including multiple concussions. Currently, he is not cleared to return to the ring, but fans have been waiting for the day the former United States Champion can get back into action.

During his time out of the ring, Joe has done some announcing work for WWE, and the company is seemingly pleased with how he has performed, as reported by Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Lately, Joe has been filling in on Monday nights for Lawler, but it now appears as if this is going to be a permanent move.

Lawler has been away from the WWE Performance Center during the majority of the pandemic. WWE did not want to jeopardize his health due to his age and increased risk.

Samoa Joe heads to the ring for a match.

Dave Meltzer states that no matter when the pandemic situation eases up, fans have likely seen the last of Lawler. Even if Samoa Joe progresses well with his recovery, he will remain at the announce booth on Raw and do it on a full-time basis, as reported by Wrestle Talk.

“He is also now considered the permanent replacement for Lawler as an announcer. What that means if/when he is cleared is that he may have the role where he announces, and they can shoot angles for him to wrestle using that. Things could also change if later, there are depth issues, and they feel the need to have him as a full-time wrestler. Or he could mix the two.”

Meltzer went on to say that angles featuring a former wrestler turned announcer being taunted into the ring usually do well. If WWE needs Joe back for a ratings boost or if he merely wants to wrestle again, this could easily happen with someone else on the roster.

Samoa Joe’s last match was in early February when he was part of an eight-man tag on Raw. WWE superstar Rezar will be out nearly a year after due to a severe arm injury in March. Not long after that took place, Joe suffered another concussion during a commercial shoot.