Meghan McCain Keeps Pregnancy Details Out Of ‘Social Media Cesspool’ To Protect Unborn Child

Meghan McCain has chosen to keep the details of her pregnancy quiet to protect her unborn child from what she called the “social media cesspool” of negativity. She made a statement on Twitter where she explained to her followers why she had not been open with photos and details as she moved forward into the later months of her pregnancy. Meghan reposted the tweet to Instagram where she added more details to her original missive, which alluded she wanted to get ahead of the keystrokes of those who have made cruel statements toward her family in the past.

The original statement, seen below, was posted to Twitter on May 28.

After she shared the statement with Instagram, Meghan further fleshed out her feelings in a lengthy caption on the social media sharing site.

Meghan stated she and her husband, political writer and commentator Ben Domenech, had made the conscious decision to guard their growing family’s privacy as much as possible. She said she believed children had a right to privacy, and she hoped her followers understood why she had to take such a hard position, particularly as a woman who appeared on television every day.

She concluded she learned some hard lessons about cruelty as she shared photos and thought about her father, the late Sen. John McCain, during his brain cancer fight. Meghan thanked those who had been kind toward her as she navigated pregnancy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a panelist on The View alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin, Meghan has had to reveal her thoughts on the hottest topics in the political and entertainment world. However, she always maintained that she did not like to speak of her personal life on the series.

Fans of the conservative political commentator applauded her stand in the comments section of the Instagram share.

“Meghan, your father is/was a hero. You don’t need to expose yourself to negativity based on mentally disenfranchised people who feel the need to express hatred and venom. Protect yourself, your baby, your family, and your family’s legacy. With all due respect, you are your father’s daughter. Remember that,” said one follower.

“You don’t have to explain to anyone!!!!! Do what you want and let the haters hate,” stated a second fan.

“I applaud you. Safeguard what you can. People can be so so cruel. We’ve lost the ability to appreciate and honor a living human being,” remarked a third Instagram user.

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