‘RHONY’ Newbie Leah McSweeney Drags Ramona & Avery Singer

The newest cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City, Leah McSweeney, went after her co-star Ramona Singer and her young daughter, Avery Singer on Instagram late Thursday. Leah took to her stories to reshare negative news about the 26-year-old and also taunted her co-star.

“Are you sure you wanna involve @averysinger in our drama,” Leah wrote to Ramona in text added over an Instagram Direct Message from a fan.

Leah didn’t give Ramona much time to respond. She immediately posted screenshots of negative direct messages she had received about the younger Singer on which she wrote that Avery should “sit down.”

It didn’t stop there. Leah posted more negative stories about Avery.

“Seriously why are you involving ur daughter,” Leah wrote.

The battle between the co-stars began while filming Thursday’s episode of the hit reality show. The women visited Newport, Rhode Island, where Leah and Ramona argued over whether or not Leah’s sister was welcome. Ramona, the trip organizer, went back and forth several times and finally decided it was acceptable for Leah’s sister to come. The newest cast member was not happy with all of the indecision, and after Leah had a lot to drink, she became overcome with emotion and out of control during dinner.

“Leah was in need of an exorcism,” co-star Elyse Slaine said on the show of her co-star’s dinner antics.

The two blondes also clashed over what Leah perceived as Ramona’s hypocrisy. Ramona was very upset at Leah’s out-of-control dinner behavior, and yet all of the other women had acted in similar ways during other times. Leah said on the show that she was held to a “different standard” than the other castmates. The newbie was prepared for the show to air and wrote her thoughts down in a scathing Instagram post written Wednesday

Avery got involved in the drama when she posted on her Instagram stories her reactions to the episode.

Avery and her mother have been quarantined in Florida together since March. The duo had often posted their reactions to various episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City, both old and new.

In her stories, Avery and her mother shook their heads in disbelief. Avery then said that the ladies’ actions at dinner were “nuts.” She asked her mother how she was “friends” with the ladies. The duo showed their shocked faces.

“I’m embarrassed for you,” Avery told her mother.

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