Amy Duggar King Gives Son Daxton A Baby Doll, Wants Him To Be ‘A Nurturing Father Just Like His Daddy’

Amy Duggar King is no longer a reality TV star. Instead, she has chosen to run her own clothing business and begin a family of her own with her husband, Dillon King. They have a 7-month-old son, Daxton, and she enjoys showing him off to her fans. On Thursday, she shared two sweet Instagram photos of her child with a toy in his hand. It was a baby doll and she was just fine with it.

Many people believe that the Duggar family only lets their kids play with gender-specific toys. Whether that is true or not, Amy and Dillon have decided as new parents that they will embrace their son playing with what is considered a toy for girls. In the two Instagram photos that the 33-year-old mom posted, Daxton was sitting in a car seat while holding the blue doll with both hands. The little guy had a serene look on his face and sucked on his pacifier. In the second snapshot, he had a big smile with the pacifier out of his mouth and appeared to be handing the doll over to one of his parents.

Amy Duggar King wrote a lengthy note to her 406,000 Instagram followers that described all the traits that she wants her son to have when he grows up. Among those were being bold, daring, imaginative, and sensitive. She also mentioned that she wants him to not be afraid to express his feelings.

The Duggar cousin revealed that her husband also had a doll given to him when he was a child and they wanted to continue that tradition in their own family. It looks like Daxton really enjoys his baby doll.

Many of Amy’s followers praised her for her decision to let Daxton play with a doll.

“Let boys play with dolls and they will grow up to be good fathers, good uncles, good humans,” one social media user said.

“Such a great and important statement!” another person remarked.

Others mentioned how their own sons or grandsons played with their own special doll as well. They all had encouraging words for her. Although her cousin Jana Duggar didn’t actually leave a comment, she did like the post. Amy Duggar is still close to the rest of her family, even though she does things differently.

Daxton will have two more second cousins added to the family soon. Joy and Austin Forsyth are having their second child, a girl, this summer. In addition, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo just announced today that they are also expecting in November. It was revealed that they are also having a girl.

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