Top Baby Names Of 2013 Include Phaedra, Severine, Thor

This just in: “Apple” is no longer the weirdest thing you can name your kid.

According to Nameberry statistics, some of the most popular baby names so far in 2013 include some pretty strange entries. Most of the names are pretty obvious shout-outs to pop culture, particularly critically acclaimed shows like Girls or reality TV programs like The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

We’re not here to judge, so we’ll just give you some of the top 13 names of 2013’s first quarter and where their popularity probably came from.

Marnie – This nickname is short for “Marina,” or possibly “Margaret.” It has Hebrew and Latin roots, and countless derivations. But why so many little girls are being named “Marnie” right now might have more to do with the HBO show Girls than anything else. On Girls, a character named Marnie is played by Allison Williams. The name was also chosen pop singer Lily Allen for her younger daughter. Nameberry reports a sevenfold increase in the name’s popularity on their site in 2013.

Marlowe – Nameberry says that the name “Marlowe” is enjoying a huge surge in 2013 thanks to a handful of celebrity babies being named as such over the past several months. You’ve got: Sienna Miller’s Marlowe Ottoline, Nathan Followill’s Violet Marlowe, and Jason Schwartzman’s Marlowe, as well as designer Phoebe Philo’s Marlow, the only boy in the bunch. Yes, Marlowe is a popular name for girls right now. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Except that it means “driftwood!”

Christian – The boy’s name has always been a hit, but Nameberry reports a three-fold increase as of 2013. Why? Fifty Shades of Grey. Yup.

Phaedra – This name actually hails from ancient mythological tragedy, but the name’s popularity has risen by almost 200 percent this year, probably due to the RHOA star of the same name.

Severine/Severus – Both mean “severe” or “stern,” the first going to girls, the second going to boys, and both seeing a huge boom in 2013. You certainly recognize “Severus” from Harry Potter, and “Severine” most recently comes from Skyfall, the latest Bond film.

Thor – Yes, this is a popular boy name in 2013. You know exactly why.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

You can check out the rest of 2013’s top baby names (so far) here. What do you think? Innovative or ridiculous? Sound off!

[Image via: Assira, Wikimedia Commons]