Mike Tyson In 50 Shades Of Grey? Boxer Spoofs Erotic Novel In ‘Scary Movie 5’

Mike Tyson won’t be in the upcoming 50 Shades Of Gray but he will spoof the erotic novel in the upcoming movie Scary Movie 5.

Tyson has filmed a scene for the new movie that also features Jerry O’Connell and Ashley Tisdale.

According to the NY Post, O’Connell plays the “kinky Lothario Christian Grey” while Tisdale plays the object of his affection. Tyson will reportedly play himself shortly after having a ravenous romp in the sack with O’Connell.

Details of the scene aren’t known but one of Tyson’s lines has been leaked.

Tyson tells O’Connell: “Golly . . . thanks for working on my prostrate like it was a speed bag.”

O’Connell responds: “I was surprised by your performance as well. Not bad for a washed up, overweight, facially tattooed.”

The rest of the scene involves goats, whips, hot wax, lube and a blindfolded Ashley Tisdale.

Are you looking forward to Mike Tyson’s 50 Shades Of Grey cameo? The real movie is still in the casting phase and they seem to be having a hard time finding actors and actresses willing to participate. Emma Watson and several other actresses have already turned down roles. Tyson hasn’t turned down a role in the movie yet. Of course, he hasn’t been asked either.

Here’s a trailer for Scary Movie 5 which opens on April 12.