Jinger Duggar Reveals Felicity’s Favorite Things To Do While Staying At Home In L.A.

Jinger is keeping her daughter quite busy these days.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo
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Jinger is keeping her daughter quite busy these days.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been doing their best to keep themselves and their little girl, Felicity Nicole, 1, busy during the extended stay-at-home order in L.A. That means the Counting On stars have been spending plenty of time with their daughter. Posting on her Instagram on Wednesday, Jinger shared some of Felicity’s favorite things to do recently.

The mom of one revealed that she recently introduced her only child to a brand new box of crayons and her very own notebook to inspire her inner creativity. Jinger said that she really loved it, so it sounds like she has been kept quite busy coloring and making her own designs. The Vuolo family have been taking daily walks, according to the Duggar daughter, and she mentioned that they have become a big highlight that Felicity looks forward to. Both Jinger and Jeremy have posted a few of their walking adventures on social media and it looks like Felicity takes the lead most of the time.

Just a few days ago, Jeremy shared on his Instagram account that they had started a family tradition of nightly walks without even planning to. His famous wife gave more details on what happens during their walks in her post.

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Okay, busy parents, here are a few things I’ve been doing at home lately to keep Felicity busy!???? First, we got her a box of crayons with her very own notebook. She LOVES it. Second, I think the highlight of her day has been our daily walks. She usually insists on bringing a babydoll with her and cradles it as we go. But about halfway around the block, with all of the squirrels, cats, and dogs, she forgets the doll and me or Daddy carries it the rest of the way. Third, “SNAX!” She’s a growing girl so I’ve stocked the house with healthy little snacks she can have inbetween meals. Nothing beats grabbing an orange off the backyard tree or a fresh cucumber! What are some fun activities you’ve found for the kids these days?

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Jinger Duggar said that Felicity usually wants to carry a doll with her as they go on their hikes but that her attention is almost always diverted halfway around the block, as there are other things that draw her notice along the way, such as little furry animals. Jinger said that she or Jeremy typically ends up with the baby doll instead.

Another favorite thing Felicity loves to do is munch on her “snax,” as Jinger calls them. Instead of sugary snacks, Jinger gives her oranges off the trees in their yard and cucumbers. She said that the 1-year-old loves to eat them.

In the photo that Jinger Duggar uploaded, she and Felicity were sitting down on the piano bench together. The snapshot was taken from the back and they were both looking at each other lovingly. Jinger wore a black top and white pants, while her adorable daughter had on a white dress with a jean jacket over it. She also had a white bow in her curly hair. They both had their hands on the piano keys.

Jinger is a talented piano player and it’s possible that Felicity will follow in her footsteps as well.