WWE News: Superstar Says Mandy Rose Is ‘Selfish’

Mandy Rose poses on the ring apron

The rivalry between WWE superstars Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville knows no bounds. Even though they confront each other on episodes of Friday Night SmackDown, the pair has been fueling their rivalry on social media and during media appearances as well. The latest installment of the drama between the former best friends happened on the latest episode of The Bump, in which Deville explained her issues with Rose.

According to Deville, by way of WrestleZone, Rose’s insistence on hogging the spotlight is what led to the fallout between the pair. Deville always felt like an afterthought when they were friends, but she also stated Rose doesn’t let anyone steal her attention, regardless of their relationship with each other.

“If you look back at the relationship between Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, everything has always been about Mandy. She’s been selfish since day one. It’s always been the Mandy show. I’ve always played second fiddle and it’s not by choice, it’s just what happens when you’re around Mandy Rose.”

Deville went on to say that Rose’s insistence on being the center of attention has also stood in the way of her success. She cited last year’s women’s Money in the Bank ladder match as an example, which saw Deville physically carry Rose up the ladder. However, Rose still wasn’t able to grab the briefcase.

“I gave her my opportunity in the Money in the Bank ladder match. By the way, very dumb decision. Would never do that again but you live and you learn.”

Deville betrayed Rose in the lead up to this year’s WrestleMania. On an episode of Friday Night SmackDown, it was revealed that Deville tried to sabotage Rose’s romance with Otis, which led to Rose slapping her friend and creating their current rivalry.

Since then, the pair have exchanged numerous insults and blows, with Deville vowing to ruin Rose’s life. Rose, meanwhile, has repeatedly claimed that she’s more than a pretty face who only cares about getting attention.

While the two superstars are still friends in real life, there is some personal heat to their storyline feud. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Deville said that they’ve been incorporating their actual experiences with each other into the storyline to make it seem more realistic and sincere. She also revealed that Rose is a “tough cookie” who can take the insults, and the pair of them appear to be having a lot of fun as a result.