Jenna Jameson Arrested For Battery During Birthday Party

Jenna Jameson was allegedly arrested this weeked during her birthday party. The former adult film star was charged with battery at a bash to celebrate the starley turning 39 years old. Since retiring from her acting career, Jameson has had a slew of legal problems including an arrest for a DUI last summer.

During a Newport Beach celebration, Jameson allegedly attacked an unnamed victim. That person then put the former actress under citizen’s arrest and called the police. After the police arrived she was cited for battery and was released.

It seems that the incident in which she was charged was supposed to just be the beginning of the night’s festivities. The starlet was supposed to keep partying well into the night, celebrating her birthday a few days early.

Jenna Jameson was actually born on April 9 but was apparently getting her partying in during the weekend. It seems she should have stayed home and played it safe if this was going to be the payoff.

The former actress has been actually staging more than a month’s worth of birthday bashes, with the original party going on in Las Vegas in March.

Last July, Jameson eventually pleaded guilty to the DUI charge and accepted an informal three-month probation. She also agreed to participate in Mother’s Against Drunk Driving program.

It is not clear whether this latest charge would have any affect on her probation. It would seem that if that probation was indeed three months then she has free and clear for quite a while now.

Jameson hasn’t been making headlines just for her exploits on the police blotter. Her endorsement of Mitt Romney during the last election set the Twitterverse on fire. It seems most people believed that someone who used to be in her line of work wouldn’t be supportive of a conservative presidential candidate.

What do you think of Jenna Jameson’s latest legal problems.

[Image By Nate “Igor” Smith]