Fitness Model Lauren Simpson Wears Tiny Booty Shorts For New ‘Core Burner’ Workout

Lauren Simpson takes a selfie in an elevator.
Lauren Simpson / Instagram

Fitness model Lauren Simpson posted her latest workout video to social media site Instagram on Monday. In the video, the fitness trainer demonstrated several ab exercises designed to strengthen the core.

For the workout, the model wore a black sports bra with thick, dark blue straps that crossed her chest and upper back. The straps featured the words EHPlabs written in white lettering. The top left Lauren’s sculpted arms on display while showing off a strip of toned tummy. She paired it with tight-fitting black booty shorts made of a spandex material and featuring ties up the sides. The shorts rose high on her hips and extended to just below her backside, contouring to her busty booty and leaving the length of her chiseled legs exposed.

For footwear, Lauren chose a pair of white sneakers and added white socks that extended to mid-calf level. She accessorized with a black band on her left wrist and wore her platinum blond tresses styled in two French braids that trailed down her back. The model also appeared to be wearing thick, black mascara, eye shadow, and pink, glossy lips.

The workout consisted of six different ab exercises, each featured in a separate video clip in the post. Lauren carried out the workout from the roof of a parking garage, using a pink exercise mat and dumbbell for equipment.

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Before jumping into the workout, Lauren ate a scoop of Oxyshred for an extra energy boost and showed off her toned figure, pointing to her chiseled core. She then began DB passes, lying on her back with her knees raised in the air as she passed the dumbbell from her hands to her ankles. The second exercise was toe reaches. Lauren lay with her legs extended in the air and reached for her toes while holding the dumbbell in both hands.

In the third video, Lauren demonstrated the alt V-sit, reaching for one leg with the opposite arm while keeping the other leg extended. The model moved into plank alt knee touches next. She positioned her body in a plank position and brought in one knee to tap her hand, alternating sides. The final two exercises in the circuit were bird dogs and vacuums. For the vacuums, Lauren left her trainees a note in the comments section, telling them to draw their bellybutton in as deep as possible and holding it for as long as they could while continuing to breathe.

The trainer’s core burner workout earned several thousand likes and dozens of comments within the first hour.