Christina Milian Says She And Boyfriend Matt Pokora Might Be ‘Making More’ Babies Soon

Christina Milian revealed that she and partner Matt Pokora have babies on the brain four months after welcoming their first child together.

Milian spoke to Us Weekly and shared how the couple is adapting to raising their son, Isaiah. Prior to Isaiah’s birth, Pokora didn’t have any children, and Milian said he is head over heels for their baby boy. Pokora is so excited that Milian said he’s already prepared to further expand their family. In addition to Isaiah, Milian has one daughter, Violet Nash, who she shares with her ex-husband, The Dream.

“This is his first child and he’s just in love. He’s ready to make more. I’m like, ‘Hold on, my body’s not ready!'” Milian exclaimed. “I just want to enjoy this moment!”

While Milian doesn’t want to have a baby right away, she does see it happening in the future. Like her boyfriend, Milian said she likes the idea of having another sibling for her kids. The 38-year-old star also said she would be open to working on another little one within the next few years so there isn’t a large age gap between the new baby and Isaiah.

Pokora and Milian began dating in August 2017. Although they had a solid foundation in their relationship prior to their son’s birth, Milian said she has seen their relationship flourish even more since she had the baby. She said Pokora’s bond with Isaiah has strengthened the connection the two of them have as well.

“I think we’ve grown stronger, we’ve become closer. I mean, we already were super close. We’re already best friends, but I mean to have this together and to look at each other and just know what we’ve done together, it’s just grown into that kind of real unconditional love,” Milian said. “I see that he loves being in his role as a father.”

Even though she’s not ready to be a mother of three just yet, Milian’s most recent venture was inspired by her baby boy. She recently launched a baby line, AM:PM, which is a similar name to her early 2000s hit song. Milian created the line after noticing it was much more difficult to shop for baby gear for her son. While she had no problem shopping for her daughter 10 years prior, Milian said the clothes she found for her son weren’t up to par. She has several sets of strollers and bassinets and models them along with Isaiah. Milian joked that the name of the brand was perfect because mothers spend the majority of their day caring for their children and don’t have much time for themselves.

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