NBA Rumors: Wizards Only Trading Bradley Beal For A ‘Godfather’ Offer, Per ‘Wiz Of Awes’

Rob CarrGetty Images

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, rumors surrounding All-Star shooting guard Bradley Beal and his future with the Washington Wizards started to heat up. With their inability to contend for the NBA championship title, most people believed that Beal and the Wizards would be heading in different directions in the 2020 offseason. In past months, Beal had already been linked to several teams that are in dire need of additional star power to have a better chance of bringing home the Larry O’Brien Trophy next season.

However, since the 2019 offseason, the Wizards have been informing everyone in the league that they have no intention of moving Beal this summer. Even if they change their mind and make Beal available on the trading block, the Wizards would likely demand a trade package that would make interested teams think twice before pushing through with the deal. According to Jack Skolnik of Fansided’s Wiz of Awes, the Wizards would only trade Beal if they received a “Godfather” offer.

“To even entertain the idea of trading Beal right now, the Wizards need a ‘Godfather’ deal. And given how vocal they are about keeping Beal in D.C., even that might not do it. The Pelicans received two young stars and three picks for Anthony Davis. The Thunder received one young star and five picks. More important than the total number of assets, though, is that both of these teams received foundational pieces that they can use moving forward. That is what the Wizards need to be offered if Beal is going anywhere; a building block, and preferably more than one.”

Beal may not be on the same level as Anthony Davis and Paul George, but it would be hard to blame the Wizards if they ask for the same return that the New Orleans Pelicans and the Oklahoma City Thunder got from trading those superstars last summer. Beal is one of the few players in the league who can excel in an off-ball capacity, making him an intriguing acquisition for legitimate title contenders that already have ball-dominant players on their roster, like the Brooklyn Nets.

As mentioned in the previous The Inquisitr article, the Nets have already discussed the possibility of acquiring Beal in the 2020 NBA offseason. The team currently has a plethora of trade assets to engage in a blockbuster deal and could offer a combination of young players and multiple first-round picks to the Wizards. However, as of now, it still remains unknown how far the Nets are willing to go to acquire Beal from the Wizards.

The Wizards won’t have a problem if a “Godfather” deal doesn’t come knocking at their door this summer. Despite being stuck in mediocrity in past seasons, the Wizards are actually planning to run it back again, hoping that the pairing of Beal and John Wall will produce a better result next season.