Larsa Pippen Says She Would Never Be ‘Negative’ To Jordyn Woods After Her Cheating Scandal Tweets Resurfaced

Larsa Pippen decided to further explain herself after old tweets about Jordyn Woods recently came to light.

The Inquisitr previously shared that Pippen came under fire after several social media users recalled her reaction to the scandal between Woods, Tristan Thompson, and Pippen’s friend, Khloe Kardashian.

During the scandal, which took place in February of 2019, Pippen hinted that Woods was lying about her involvement in the ordeal and was planning to tell a false narrative of the situation on Red Table Talk.

Following the comments last week, Pippen took to her Twitter page and said she never intended to seem like she was bullying Woods.

Pippen spoke to Hollywood Life and chatted more about the situation. She told the outlet that the commenters accused her of trying to hurt Woods without knowing the full story. The mother-of-four also said she isn’t a mean-spirited person and only wanted to stand up for her friend.

“I don’t bully or trash anybody,” Pippen claimed. “That’s not even my personality. I’m not even into that negative space. That’s not who I am.”

The Kardashian family friend also said she didn’t realize she could’ve been bullying Woods with her comments. She said she never had a problem with Woods, but was concerned about her spreading the wrong information to the public.

Pippen claimed that if she was in the same situation as the model, she would’ve kept the situation within the family. Because Woods neglected to do so, however, Pippen felt she needed to share any fault Woods may have had in the scandal as well.

“It was just if you’re going to have an interview and talk about things just basically say it all. I don’t do things publicly. That’s not the type of person I am,” Pippen said. “I handle my business in private. But, if you’re gonna be public about things – and it had nothing to do with anyone, it was just in general – if you’re gonna say something, say it all.”

In February of 2019, Woods and Thompson were reportedly seen cozying up to one another. The incident caused Woods to end her relationships with the Kardashian-Jenner family after being friends with Kylie Jenner for years.

Pippen claims that everyone involved in the scandal has put it behind them and are working on other projects. Currently, Pippen said she’s been focusing on her four children with her ex-husband, Scottie Pippen. She’s also been putting her energy into her new business, Larsa Pippen Fitness.

Pippen launched the program on May 15 and offers workout tutorials on her website and Instagram page.

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