May 23, 2020
WWE Rumors: Company Officials Reportedly Have Shortlist Of Released Superstars They Want To Rehire

WWE released several superstars and employees on April 15 in a bid to cut costs during the coronavirus pandemic. However, it might only be a matter of time before some of those wrestlers return to the company, according to Sportskeeda's Tom Colohue.

Colohue didn't reveal which superstars the company is interested in bringing back into the fold, but their shortlist may not include superstars who left on their own accord after refusing to sign new deals.

"The WWE, including what's happening with Drew Gulak, have a shortlist prepared of names of people that have been released who they may want to rehire in the future after the coronavirus pandemic is lessened or at least is not so prevalent that they are able to do that without affecting their bottom line. There are people they do not plan to rehire under any circumstances and people who did choose to leave and this is why they are not immediately trying to rehire Drew Gulak now."
Colohue went on to say that the company isn't interested in rehiring any of the recent NXT releases, either. This is probably because most of the black-and-gold brand's releases were developmental talents who had yet to establish themselves on WWE television, and are therefore considered surplus to requirements.

Drake Maverick is one of the superstars who could be re-signed. As The Inquisitr reported earlier, the company is currently monitoring his situation. Despite Maverick being released last month, the company has continued to use the superstar on NXT. However, there has been speculation that his performances and surge in popularity have been encouraging officials to reconsider their decision to let him go.

Company officials are also reportedly high on Sarah Logan, and have expressed an interest in working with her again since her release. She's also one of the few superstars who's remained available for WWE to use during their 90-day non-compete clause, so she might be considered a strong favorite to return if this report is true.

Kurt Angle, Rusev, Zack Ryder, Heath Slater, and Maria and Mike Kanellis were also among some of the names to be released from their contracts, and they are all established names who the company might want to bring back. However, some of these performers could also sign for a rival promotion, and their comebacks aren't guaranteed.

Some of these superstars have also revealed that they're glad to be free from their contracts, and are looking forward to starting over.