Britney Spears Dances To A Noah Cyrus Song & Miley Congratulates Her Younger Sister

Britney Spears put on another mini-show for her fans, and Miley Cyrus seemed thrilled that the pop superstar decided to get her twirl on to one of her younger sister’s songs.

On Thursday, Britney shared her latest dance video with her 24.3 million Instagram followers. Like many of her past videos, it was filmed inside her palatial living room. The singer had also sped the clip up, another element that most of her Instagram uploads have in common. This made the performer of the tune that she was performing to sound like a chipmunk. However, Miley still recognized the song as her younger sister Noah’s 2019 single, “July.” In the comments section of Britney’s post, Miley congratulated Noah on having her talent recognized by the “Stronger” songstress.

“@noahcyrus you made it,” read Miley’s comment, which included a black heart emoji.

“July” is a slow and soulful acoustic ballad, so Britney’s choreography included a lot of fluid, graceful movements. She swayed her hips, dramatically pitched forward at the waist, lightly skipped around, and performed a series of complicated arm movements. Britney also threw in plenty of her signature twirls. Her long blond hair was down, so it whipped around her as she spun.

At one point, the clip suddenly cut to a shot of Britney with her hair up. She was shown using a remote to restart the music before returning to her makeshift stage and resuming her performance. The singer maintained eye contact with the camera throughout most of her routine.

Britney was dressed to move, as she went barefoot in a pair of tiny black Nike shorts and a lime-green racerback sports bra with black spaghetti straps. The athletic ensemble showcased her famous sculpted abs and toned legs.

Britney’s dizzying freestyle dance was a hit with her Instagram followers, who have liked her video over 128,000 since it was initially uploaded. They also took to the comments section to shower her with praise.

“One of my favorite things to do is watch you dance,” read one response to her post.

“Queen of spinning,” declared another fan.

“Keep the videos coming Princess, your fans enjoy watching you dance, our Dancing Queen,” a third admirer remarked.

“Keep on dancing till the world ends,” read a fourth comment.

In the caption, Britney expressed her love for dance, and she wrote that it’s something that she does “all day long.” However, her joyful dance sessions aren’t her only secret to looking fabulously fit. The singer recently shared a video of one of her intense gym workouts with boyfriend Sam Asghari, and she has revealed that she’s also fond of yoga.

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