John Krasinski Profits From ‘Some Good News’ And Fans Are Not Happy

Actor-turned-YouTube star John Krasinski took heat on Twitter May 21 after the announcement that The Office star would be selling the series he created, Some Good News, to ViacomCBS. Fans quickly called him a “sellout,” the New York Post reported.

Krasinski created Some Good News back in March to showcase real events in the world as the pandemic wore on. The goal of the YouTube show was to share gatherings that viewers were missing while observing the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. The show was a hit with 2.3 million subscribers, and the videoes garnered millions of views.

Episodes of Some Good News included a virtual prom, celebrity guests, and a performance of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. Krasinski’s show even hosted a couple’s wedding, complete with an Office cast reunion and a performance by Zac Brown Band.

The Jack Ryan actor self-produced and funded all the episodes, many of which included famous stars. The show aired its’ last installment on May 17 the New York Post reported.

The show was “no longer needing to remind you that no matter how hard things get, there is always good in the world,” Krasinski proclaimed in the final episode.

It was unknown exactly how much the star would receive from the ViacomCBS deal, but the New York Post reported there was “a bidding war” that ended in a “rich licensing deal.” Krasinski will continue to produce the episodes but will no longer host. A replacement was not announced.

Also, as part of the deal, Some Good News will move from YouTube to CBS All Access, Viacom’s streaming service.

Fans were not happy about the changes to the feel-good show.

“Wait, there was a bidding for this when he’s not even going to HOST it,” one fan questioned.

Others didn’t like how the actor received profit as the show was simply intended to create goodwill among the public.

“Oh, this feels VERY icky,” one commenter wrote.

Others were surprised at Krasinski’s move as it didn’t resonate with the image that many had created of the actor.

“Though he’s entitled to do this – feels super off-brand – and a gut punch to the organic, authentic relationship he created at scale – during the crisis,” wrote someone.

Still, other fans were more pragmatic and put themselves in the actor’s shoes.

One Twitter user wrote that Krasinski’s sale was “something anyone would do with a successful product.” They continued that they simply didn’t “see an issue” with it all.

There was no word on when Some Good News would begin airing on CBSViacom.

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