WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Reportedly Not A Fan Of 'Monday Night Raw' Superstar

Going into this year's WWE WrestleMania season, Shayna Baszler looked like the next big breakout star of Monday Night Raw's women's division. The former UFC fighter had dominated in NXT and became the most successful Women's Champion in the brand's history, which made her seem like a natural successor to Becky Lynch. However, Lynch won their title match at the pay-per-view, and Baszler has been an afterthought ever since.

According to the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of WrestlingNews.co, Vince McMahon isn't a fan of Baszler and has no desire to push her. Even though Paul Heyman is reportedly high on her and wants to make her a huge star on the red brand, McMahon doesn't agree with his vision.

The report also states that Baszler was originally scheduled to win the women's Money in the Bank ladder match at the pay-per-view of the same name. Those plans were changed at the last minute in favor of Asuka, however, and the Japanese superstar has been chosen to lead the Monday Night Raw women's division now that Lynch has taken a leave of absence to start a family.

Asuka has become a huge fan-favorite in recent months, so WWE's decision made sense in a lot of ways. Of course, some fans and pundits believe that Baszler's momentum has been derailed in the process, and it could be a while before she becomes a focal point on the red brand again.

Lynch's pregnancy announcement may have forced WWE to change plans. Given the sentimental nature of her big news, putting her title on a heel afterward could have overshadowed the feel-good moment. Asuka is also the only superstar to have cleanly defeated Lynch in one-on-one action in recent memory, so it made sense from a booking perspective.

Shayna Baszler gets ready for WWE action

The WrestlingNews.co article states that McMahon still sees Baszler as a title hopeful, and she's expected to be in the Raw Women's Championship picture later this year. However, he is not convinced she has what it takes to become a top heel in the company.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, McMahon reportedly wasn't 100 percent on board with Baszler's push since she was promoted to the main roster, and it's becoming clearer that those rumors may have some substance to them.

It remains to be seen what WWE's long-term plans for Baszler are, but she's still a relative newcomer to the main roster and has many years ahead of her.