Dorinda Medley Felt 'Vulnerable' And 'Overwhelmed' After John Mahdessian Split On 'RHONY' Season 12

Dorinda Medley went through hard times during filming on the currently airing 12th season of The Real Housewives of New York City last year.

During a new interview, Dorinda looked back on last week's episode of the show, during which she was seen lashing out at co-star Tinsley Mortimer as she also mourned the loss of her late husband. She admitted that there was a lot going on that fans didn't see in regard to her life.

"It was a tough episode to watch," Dorinda told Us Weekly on Wednesday, May 20. "But... there's a lot of things going on... that I am going through myself that are making me definitely on edge and uptight."

As fans saw earlier this month, Dorinda went through a heartbreaking breakup with her boyfriend of seven years, John Mahdessian, during filming. She was also dealing with a number of other challenging situations, including a broken rib and a massive flood at her Berkshires home, which required a major renovation.

Looking back, Dorinda said she was feeling "vulnerable and scared and overwhelmed" during filming. Before cameras began rolling, she remembers thinking that she could not go through with filming because she simply couldn't handle one more thing on her plate. That said, she decided to go through with her full-time role because she understands that in order to be a good housewife, she has to share the ins and outs of her life, even when things aren't ideal.

After slowing down and talking to her mother about what she was going through, Dorinda did her best to approach the season as best she could. She also told Us Weekly that her Season 12 tagline should have been, "I'm not only reconstructing my house, I'm reconstructing myself."

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Dorinda revealed that she was "nervous" about The Real Housewives of New York City during an interview on Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino in March. As she explained at the time, she typically puts the drama of the seasons out of her head after filming wraps. Then, when the trailer is released, she is forced to deal with the things she said and did while shooting the show.

"I always do that ridiculous thing of going back to my life in January [and thinking], 'This isn't real. That didn't really happen,'" she admitted.

Dorinda also said during her interview with Danny that she was "excited" to watch the new episodes play out.