'Vanderpump Rules' Star Stassi Schroeder Dishes On Quarantine Dispute With Fiancé Beau Clark

Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark recently had a quarantine quarrel after consuming a bit too many margaritas.

According to a report shared by Us Weekly on May 20, the Vanderpump Rules couple appeared on the magazine's "Quarantine Confessions" and revealed that -- after Beau made a bunch of strawberry margaritas -- Stassi's infamous "dark passenger" showed up.

"All day long, all day and night," Stassi recalled during the interview.

Looking back on their dramatic moment, Stassi said her dispute with Beau began after one of their dogs peed on the carpet and Beau reacted in a way that upset her.

"I just went psycho," she admitted. "It was no bueno."

While she confirmed that she went to her future husband and apologized for her behavior after the booze-filled incident took place, she told the magazine that she didn't know what she was apologizing for because her memory of what took place was foggy. In fact, she said she didn't remember much of anything that she said or did that night.

Since quarantine began in March, Stassi and Beau have admittedly been "reckless" when it comes to their love life. The two stated they are no longer taking any steps to prevent her from getting pregnant. The magazine also noted they haven't been limiting their drinking as they remain in their Los Angeles home amid the spread of COVID-19.

According to Beau, he and Stassi have been drinking not only margaritas, but also "a crapload of vodka and tequila."

"And wine and Aperol Spritz," she added. "I couldn't count [how much we've consumed]."

As they enjoy their adult beverages, the couple are also dreaming of a getaway in Europe once it is safe to travel, especially now that they've been forced to postpone their October wedding in Italy.

As fans of Vanderpump Rules will recall, Stassi and Beau began planning for their wedding this fall ever since they got engaged in a cemetery in July of last year. However, because of the many restrictions that are currently in place due to the global pandemic, they've chosen to postpone their wedding.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Stassi confirmed to Entertainment Tonight last month that her and Beau's wedding was in limbo. While at that time she wasn't ready to officially delay her nuptials, the couple have since come out and said they are pushing their wedding date back. They have not yet spoken about any new plans.