Kyle Richards & Teddi Mellencamp Defend Their Friendship As Co-Stars Accuse Them Of Going To Couples Therapy

Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp are speaking out about their close friendship. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars once again found themselves in the hot seat, this time at a group astrology reading, as their co-stars questioned their exclusive bond.

On the most recent episode of the Bravo reality show, Erika Girardi’s astrologer friend, Shawn Breathwaite, read Teddi’s chart and determined she is drawn to “one energy she feels most comfortable with.” That opened the door for comments from the rest of the RHOBH crew, after Kyle said that “explains” why she and Teddi are so close.

After newcomer Garcelle Beauvais said Kyle just wants to be liked by everybody and refuses to admit to having favorites in the group, Dorit Kemsley — who previously took issue with Teddi and Kyle sharing a bed during a group trip — asked the duo a question.

“Didn’t you guys go to couples therapy together?” she inquired.

The other co-stars chimed in to say they thought the same thing, since Kyle and Teddi both saw a therapist together last year to talk about anxiety. A flashback clip was then shown of the two friends learning a breathing technique with Teddi’s therapist.

“I had couples therapy?! You guys have all f*cking lost your minds,” Kyle said, before adding that her co-stars have too much time on their hands.

Later, Erika explained the joint therapy session was just another example that showed Kyle and Teddi are a package deal. She called their dynamic “weird.”

On Twitter, Kyle responded to the group’s mischaracterization of her friendship with Teddi. She pointed out that last season, producers shot one scene of her and Teddi doing a breathing technique and now it’s being called “couples therapy.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills veteran added that she is “grateful” to have a friend like Teddi to help her through her lifelong issues with anxiety.

When one fan asked Kyle why she is so uncomfortable admitting that she and Teddi are best friends, the Bravo star replied she doesn’t have a problem with that, but she didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. The actress also wrote that she’s most upset by her co-stars thinking her friendship is “weird.”

“It is not lost on me that while Erika and Rinna are agreeing that my friendship with Teddi is ‘weird’ they are actually dressed like twins,” she tweeted.

Teddi also took to Twitter to defend her friendship with Kyle following the episode.

“Until I met this group, I always shared a bed or room with a friend when traveling together. But then again, I never thought a real friendship was an issue until I met this group,” she wrote.

The accountability coach joked that she and Kyle are “one couples therapy session away from joining next season of Marriage Bootcamp. “

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