‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers: Frog Revealed To Be Rapper Bow Wow

Last night, the finale of The Masked Singer aired on Fox, meaning the three remaining celebrities were unmasked and a winner was crowned.

Unfortunately for Frog, they didn’t end up winning the golden mask. However, they came in third place and still received a great reception from the audience and panel.

From the beginning, it was clear Frog was a male entertainer with a lot of stage presence. Unlike most of the other contestants, they rapped instead of singing each week. For their debut performance, they slayed MC Hammer’s iconic single “U Can’t Touch This.”

For their first clue package, they revealed they are short in height and that their metamorphosis has been anything but typical. Frog said they left stardom as fast as a lightning bolt and felt he had to fit in with the big frogs from “jump jump.” A poster of the 1996 Olympics and $106 was also shown.

The panel’s guesses were initially all over the place. Nicole Scherzinger assumed it could be “One Wish” hitmaker Ray J, while Jenny McCarthy went with Michael Johnson.

When it came down to unmasking Frog, it was revealed to be “Like You” chart-topper Bow Wow. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, viewers immediately guessed correctly.

The 33-year-old joked his daughter will be mad he didn’t win the show. However, he did admit he didn’t think he would make it this far because there were a lot of strong vocalists this season.

During the middle of the season, there was speculation Fox accidentally leaked that Frog won the show, after a commercial promoting official merchandise had Frog printed on a t-shirt, alongside the winners from the first two seasons. However, it seems Frog was just used as a placeholder.

As always, fans took to social media to share their reaction to the unmasking.

“@MaskedSingerFOX So very proud of Bow Wow. I denied it was him until the very last episode. I heard it in his last performance. So proud that he made it that far. What I am most proud of is his moves. Didn’t know the boy could move like that,” one user wrote.

“Bow Wow should’ve won The Masked Singer,” another devotee shared.

“I knew #thefrog was @smoss @MaskedSingerFOX. Glad he made it to the finals even if he didn’t win,” remarked a third account.

In an Instagram post, Bow Wow uploaded a video to thank those who supported him during his journey on the show.

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