‘Teen Mom’ Mackenzie McKee Says Her Marriage Is Over After Her Husband Cheats With Her Cousin

Teen Mom alum Mackenzie McKee’s marriage to husband Josh McKee may be over for good this time, according to The Hollywood Gossip. In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, McKee accused her husband of cheating on her with her cousin, right after her mother died.

In the post, which Us Weekly shared a screenshot of, McKee said that she made a “random decision” to look at the text logs from her husband’s phone for the weeks after her mother died. McKee found literally hundreds of texts to a single number. Considering that her husband had cheated on her before, McKee immediately suspected he was having another affair. She decided to call the number to see who her husband was texting… and her cousin Ashley picked up the phone.

According to Us Weekly, McKee’s mother died in December 2019, and McKee’s husband was there to support her through that loss. However, his attitude and his behaviors changed about two weeks later, which is when he allegedly began texting with McKee’s cousin.

The Teen Mom star went on to say that she “cried until my eyes were swollen shut,” and that she was “in utter shock.” She made it clear she had been betrayed not just by her husband but by her cousin as well.

McKee’s post continued with her saying that she was “opening her eyes” to who her husband really is, calling him “a horrible man.” She said that the people close to her had tried to tell her that he wasn’t treating her well, but she wasn’t ready to listen. The Teen Mom star referenced her husband’s previous affair, saying that she chose to forgive because she believed her husband had really changed.

But McKee made it clear that there would be no forgiveness this time around. She stated unequivocally “today is the day I walk away.” She ended the post by asking her fans to pray for her and her children.

Before the post was deleted, it had 175 reactions and over 60 comments.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, McKee and her husband got married in 2013. They began dating in 2009 when McKee was only 14 years old. The couple appeared together on the shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 3.

Per Us Weekly, the couple parted ways in August 2019 after McKee suspected her husband of cheating on her. However, the two got back together again quickly. He proposed to her again on her birthday in October 2019 and they seemed to be going strong through the tragedy of McKee losing her mother.

The couple has three children together — Gannon, 8, Jaxie, 6, and Broncs, 3.

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