May 20, 2020
'General Hospital' Wednesday Spoilers: Nikolas Faces Questions From Ava & Elizabeth Tries To Explain To Franco

Nikolas Cassadine and Ava Jerome are playing games and causing issues in Elizabeth Webber and Franco Baldwin's relationship, and General Hospital spoilers hint that Wednesday's show will contain more on this front.

Ava and Nikolas both want to drive a wedge between Franco and Elizabeth and they are starting to have some success. Ava's invitation to her portrait unveiling caused an argument between Franco and Liz, which is probably what she intended. Now, Elizabeth's been leaning on Nikolas for support and this has added fuel to the fire.

The sneak peek for Wednesday's episode shows that Elizabeth and Franco will be discussing the Nikolas topic. Franco has often faced significant insecurities in his relationship with Elizabeth, and her decades-long connection to Nikolas is sparking fresh doubts.

Elizabeth doesn't see Nikolas as anything other than a friend at this point, and even that friendship has been tenuous given recent events. During the discussion coming up on Wednesday, Liz will acknowledge to Franco that her feelings for Nikolas are complicated. However, she'll point out, they aren't all that different from Franco's feelings for Ava.

Franco will probably be able to see her point here, but it likely won't resolve his insecurities entirely. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central have teased that Liz and Franco may figure out what Nik and Ava have been doing, and it seems these upcoming conversations will be key to piecing it all together.

There is more coming with Nik and Ava during Wednesday's show too. He has been told by Spencer that a father-son reconciliation is possible if Nik dumps Ava. However, the post-nuptial agreement Nik and Ava both signed requires him to give her 90 percent of the Cassadine fortune in a situation like this.

Nik was surprised that Ava would hold him to that, but she's been insistent. General Hospital spoilers suggest that she'll rub a bit of salt in the wound on this front, swirling a martini in one hand as she questions Nikolas at the Metro Court.

Ava will slyly ask Nikolas if he will choose his son or his fortune. Nik will be watching Ava intently as she asks this, and his reply will probably be snide. He's not ready to give up his fortune, no matter how desperately he wants to reunite with Spencer.

How troubled will Franco and Elizabeth's marriage get thanks to both Nikolas and Ava scheming and using them? General Hospital spoilers tease that this will probably get worse before it gets better, but it appears that it's going to take a while for a complete resolution of any sort.