WWE Rumors: Superstar May Still Leave Even After Huge Push In NXT

One month ago, WWE released nearly two dozen superstars due in a cost-cutting measure, but one of them is still active on weekly TV. Drake Maverick was one of those released due to the coronavirus pandemic, but he has continued to take part in the NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament. Despite being a participant in the tournament and doing quite well, rumors are swirling that he's still on his way out.

It was a day known as "Black Wednesday" for many WWE superstars and staff members, and some of them were quite shocked. Maverick was given his release just one day after it was announced he was participating in the tournament taking place on the weekly NXT show.

On Wednesday night's NXT, Maverick will take his 1-1 record into a match against Kushida. If he wins, he stays alive, but Maverick faces elimination if he loses. According to Cageside Seats, this could still be his last match for WWE even though the fan-favorite has continued despite his release last month.

The situation with Maverick is quite strange since his release came right after WWE revealed the brackets for the tournament. Instead of changing them up entirely, they allowed him to wrestle in it, and he chose to accept their offer.


Throughout the last month, Maverick hasn't only been a part of the tournament, but he's also had a storyline.

Jake Atlas has come across as a fan obsessed with Maverick, and he picked up a win over his idol. Maverick has also been playing the role of a babyface with fans solidly behind him since they know he's technically wrestling for his job in WWE.

On Tuesday, WWE also released a nearly 12-minute-long video devoted to the "unbreakable dreams" of Drake Maverick. It details his journey to WWE and how he is fighting his way toward the NXT Cruiserweight Title despite having been released on April 15.

Kushida has a record of 2-0 and currently sits on top of Group A in the tournament with only one match remaining in round one. If there are any ties in the groups, head-to-head records will break them.

Drake Maverick's time in WWE was likely over once the company released him, but he is pushing forward. His heartfelt message upon learning of his firing is something that hit the feelings of fans around the world. As he competes for the coveted NXT Cruiserweight Title, fans wonder if his run really is almost over.