May 20, 2020
'Vanderpump Rules' Fans Blast Max Boyens After He Tells Dayna Kathan Not To 'Forget' That He Hired Her

Max Boyens is under fire following his heated argument with Dayna Kathan on the Vanderpump Rules season finale.

On the season 8 finale the Bravo reality show, the TomTom general manager reminded his former girlfriend that he hired her to work for Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant empire as they argued about their messy relationship.

Max and Dayna were both new cast members this season on Vanderpump Rules, and their relationship drama has been a big part of the season.

Although Max slept with four other women after breaking things off with Dayna, he said he felt "betrayed" that she kissed his friend Brett Caprioni. After telling Dayna that he's turned off to her now and that she needs to get off the "high horse," Max reminded his ex that she wouldn't be part of the TomTom or SUR crew if it wasn't for him.

"Let's not forget I f*cking hired you here," Max said. "You wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me … You need to stay in your lane."

Dayna addressed the moment while live-tweeting the Vanderpump Rules finale as she called out Max's "ego."

In comments on Twitter, some Vanderpump Rules fans felt that Max's comments to Dayna sounded like a threat and accused him of abusing his power. One fan told Max he needs to be reminded who signs his paychecks.

"Max reminding Dayna he hired her is so gross," one fan wrote.

"Anyone else cringe when Max brought up how he 'hired' Dayna while arguing about their relationship, or lack thereof?" another tweeted. "I know this is a GD show, but that's a lawsuit waiting to happen in non-reality TV world. "

"Can we just recognize Max's f*cking awful attempt at making [Dayna Kathan] feel small by reminding her that he hired her?" another added. "You hired an employee, she owes you nothing in respect to her dating life!"

Dayna was first hired to work at TomTom and then later transferred to SUR to work as a waitress. The questionable scene with Max and Dayna was shot last fall during the TomTom first anniversary party. The party appeared to be the breaking point for multiple relationships and friendships among the Vanderpump Rules cast.

In February, Dayna confirmed to TooFab that she and Max are no longer together and that they are just "co-workers." When asked if they are on good terms, she noted that it "depends on the week." The Bravo beauty also admitted that having to see her ex at work every day "sucks."

The drama will undoubtedly be addressed on the upcoming Vanderpump Rules reunion, which was taped earlier this month.