May 20, 2020
Kaley Cuoco Says She Did Interview In A Pink Bathrobe With No Makeup For A 'Super-Important' Reason

Kaley Cuoco explained why she decided to do a remote interview in her bathrobe in a behind-the-scenes video that she uploaded to Instagram on Tuesday. The Big Bang Theory star also revealed that she wasn't wearing any makeup when she video-chatted with Today Show hosts Al Roker and Dylan Dreyer.

In her IGTV video, Kaley was still wearing the same cozy ensemble that she had worn for her Monday morning interview. It included a fluffy pink bathrobe and a white towel headband topped with two tiny cat ears. The outfit made Al burst out laughing as soon as he saw it, but Kaley explained that she had a good reason for appearing on national TV in a bathrobe.

The actress said that things began going wrong when she got up early to do a "FaceTime check" with The Today Show producers ahead of her interview. She remarked that she had already picked out a "cute little top" to wear for her video chat. She also had her makeup out and ready to go.

"I was going to do a quick five-minute face, 15-minute face, or a 50-minute face," Kaley quipped.

Kaley turned on her television so that she could watch it while she was getting ready, and this was when she first realized that her internet was down. She said that she was about to wash her face, which was why she was wearing the cat-ear headband. She explained that that it's "like a towel," and she uses it to hold her hair back while she's cleansing her face. However, was forced to halt her preparations for the show, and she began frantically texting with the producers about what to do.

The actress was eventually told that she could do her interview via phone instead. However, Kaley didn't want to give up.

"'This message I'm going to talk about on 'The Today Show' is super-important to me, so we've just got to try,'" Kaley recalled saying.

Kaley decided to go sit in her car with her iPad, and the internet actually worked there. Unfortunately, she only had five minutes to go before her interview started.

"So this is how I did my interview, sponsored by Range Rover," Kaley quipped.

"What was I going to do, say I'm not going to do the segment because I didn't get my hair and makeup done?" she later added. "That's me all the time."

Kaley went on talk about the online event that she was on the show to promote, a fundraiser for the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation (EBMRF). She revealed that organization's cause is close to her heart because her manager's son has Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare genetic skin disorder that causes severe blistering. Kaley described the condition as causing "24-hour pain," and she said that those with the disorder have to keep their bodies covered in bandages that can cost up to $80,000 a month.

Kaley and a few other celebrities teamed up with the EBMRF to auction off virtual meet-and-greets to help raise money for the EB families that so desperately need bandages and other supplies. Other stars who participated in the fundraiser included Kelly Clarkson, Norman Reedus, Josh Gad, Courteney Cox, Adam Sandler, and Josh Brolin.

While the auction has ended, Kaley encouraged her fans to visit the EBMRF website to donate whatever they can to the organization.