‘The Walking Dead’ Rumor: Rick Grimes Movies Will Include ‘Twisted’ Human Experimentation

As production remains relatively stagnant on AMC’s Walking Dead franchise thanks to social distancing rules in place, a new rumor has started to circulate that the trio of Rick Grimes movies could involve “mad scientists” engaged in “twisted” human experimentation as a way to discover a cure for the zombie outbreak.

This rumor originated from a website called We Got This Covered. They state that after Rick (Andrew Lincoln) was saved by Jadis/Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh) in Season 9 of The Walking Dead, he was flown to safety. However, while he may have managed to survive the horrific injuries sustained in the TV series, the movies will reveal the much darker side of the new group he is now with.

According to their undisclosed source, “these scientists will have a mad side that includes experimenting on unwilling human subjects and being a little bit twisted.” If Rick is being held against his will by these people, it could also explain why Rick has not yet made contact with his previous group, even after the long period of time that had passed.

Already, the TV series had revealed a potentially darker side to Jadis’ group so this certainly could be plausible. However, it is still currently a rumor. We Got This Covered, though, has been responsible for some early reveals via leaks from what appear to be one or several credible sources.

Previously, they have successfully predicted a new Percy Jackson show in development before it was officially announced. They have also revealed correctly that ” Karen Gillan is being eyed for Pirates of the Caribbean 6.” As a result of this, the outlet certainly should be taken seriously regarding their latest prediction regarding the Rick Grimes movies. However, they have also been incorrect at times or have dropped unsubstantiated rumors that are yet to be verified. This means that viewers need to be cautious when considering this information.

In addition to the human experimentation in the upcoming movies, the outlet also suggested that something will occur in Season 11 of The Walking Dead that will see “a number of characters heading out to go rescue Rick and help him escape from where he’s being held.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Rick’s partner, Michonne (Danai Gurira), is currently out searching for him after making the discovery that he might still be alive. She entrusted this information to Rick’s daughter, Judith (Cailey Fleming), before she set off. Currently, Judith has not yet told anyone about the possibility that her father is still alive but that could certainly change further down the line. Viewers will have to wait until further episodes of The Walking Dead air in order to find out more.

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