'The Young And The Restless' Preview For Wednesday: Neil And Malcolm's Elation Ends In Tragedy

The Young and the Restless preview for Wednesday, May 20, teases storylines that hail from February 9, 2005. Devon finds himself trapped with a lion, and both Malcolm and Neil come to his rescue. Plus, Kevin decides to begin anew, and Nikki has a big confession to make.

The Winters family comes to Devon's (Bryton James) rescue, according to SheKnows Soaps. All Devon wants to do is skip school and have a little fun. However, he ends up trapped in a lion cage, and his family finally finds him. Malcolm (Shemar Moore) slips into the cage to attempt to keep the younger man calm amid the terrifying situation. He then moves between Devon and the fearsome cat in an attempt to shield Devon from danger. He tries to talk Devon into climbing out, but the boy is too scared, so Neil (Kristoff St. John) jumps in to help him.

Malcolm wants his brother to get out of the enclosure, but Neil helps Devon climb the wall, then he safely exits. Malcolm stares down the lion while slowly backing out. Unfortunately, while everybody celebrates Devon's successful rescue, disaster occurs when Lily's (Christel Khalil) car spins out of control on some ice and accidentally hits Neil.

Kevin (Greg Rikaart) turns over a new leaf. He tells his brother, Michael (Christian LeBlanc), that he's going to therapy. When Michael asks how the session goes, Kevin is pretty evasive to his brother, but he notes that having somebody to unburden himself too is beneficial. Additionally, Kevin now wants to make plans for MacKenzie (Rachel Kimsey) for Valentine's Day, but that makes Michael think perhaps Kevin is obsessed with Mac, much like he was with Lauren (Tracey Bregman).

However, Michael worries that Kevin isn't in therapy for himself, and he feels concerned about some of what his brother is saying and his upbeat attitude after what should've been a tough discussion about his childhood abuse. Even so, Kevin reassures Michael that things are going well, and he gives his brother a special gift as thanks for being there for him. Then, Kevin decides to take a walk.

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) makes a confession to Bobby Marsino (John Enos). Bobby confronts her about why Joshua's burial arrangements are written in her handwriting. She tells Bobby that it's something that he wasn't able to handle himself, so she stepped up. However, she asks Bobby not to tell Brittany (Lauren Woodland), and he agrees. Then, he and Nikki hug. Yet, Brittany and J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) walk in as they're embracing, and she is not happy to see them that way.