Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael’s Put On The Spot In Court

Chad Duell plays Michael on 'General Hospital'
Michael Yada / ABC

Michael Corinthos will take the stand during Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, and spoilers suggest that he might struggle a bit. He has a fantastic lawyer helping him, but Nelle Benson’s lawyer isn’t too shabby either. Will Martin Gray trip up Michael and help Nelle win custody of Wiley?

SheKnows Soaps indicates that during Wednesday’s show, Michael will do his best to defend his actions. Based on the sneak peek that aired at the end of Tuesday’s episode, he will be taking the witness stand during this custody hearing. Martin will have plenty of questions for Michael and he won’t be holding back.

While Nelle has a rather unsavory past, Michael isn’t squeaky-clean either. He may have his act together now, but that hasn’t always been the case. He will probably be interrogated about some of the troubling incidents that happened in the past. However, General Hospital spoilers tease that he might stumble a bit in handling present-day questions, too.

The preview for Wednesday details that Martin will ask Michael if he loves his wife. Martin is surely trying to get him to admit that he married Willow only to try to give his side a leg up in beating Nelle. However, the lawyer may not be prepared for Michael’s answer.

It is certainly true that Michael and Willow are not in love with one another in a romantic sense. They got married out of their love for Wiley, not for one another. Despite that, they have been close to one another for quite some time now, and Martin is likely underestimating the deep connection they share.

Michael and Willow bonded shortly after the baby saga began, with neither of them realizing that they both had been misled about what had happened. They became good friends and have leaned on one another consistently over the past couple of years, and it wouldn’t be a stretch for Michael to say that he does love his wife.

Granted, Michael wouldn’t be able to say that he has romantic feelings for Willow, and he will probably try to avoid getting that specific. He probably can say without much hesitation, though, that he does love her and point out that they both have been close to Wiley since his birth and love him above all else.

Will Michael’s time on the stand be persuasive enough to convince the judge to rule in his favor? It sounds as if he will muddle his way through it with some stumbles, but he won’t necessarily cause significant damage to their case either.

Unfortunately for Michael, General Hospital spoilers hint that Nelle will be more successful in navigating the tricky questions ahead. She is going to be putting on an impressive show after he testifies. This may leave him scrambling and feeling a bit deflated as he desperately tries to win custody of Wiley.