'General Hospital' Tuesday Spoilers: Franco Gets Advice From Scott & Elizabeth Talks With Nikolas

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Tuesday tease that viewers will see more of Elizabeth and Franco, but not necessarily together. Ava and Nikolas have separately been trying to stir up trouble in this relationship, and it appears that their efforts are starting to take a toll.

The preview posted on Twitter shows that Franco will meet up with his father, Scott. Franco doesn't necessarily know as much about Elizabeth and Nikolas' long history with one another as might be necessary right now. Scott, however, knows plenty about Nik and seemingly has some concerns.

Scott will warn Franco not to trust "Prince Cassadine" when it comes to Elizabeth. Ever since Nik reappeared alive and well after faking his death for three years, Elizabeth has made it clear she isn't happy with him. Things have started to soften slightly over the past few weeks, and it seems that Scott may have a hunch that this could cause trouble.

What is it that prompts this conversation about Nikolas between Scott and Franco? It could be that Franco fills his dad in on the recent conversation about the painting for Ava where he stuck his foot in his mouth and left Liz feeling quite hurt. It wouldn't be hard to see how Nikolas could be a part of this conversation, considering his fake marriage to Ava.

According to Soap Central, Franco will be struggling with some uneasy feelings this week. It sounds as if he might voice some wariness to his father regarding Nikolas. Based on the spoilers from this preview, it seems that Franco might be a little flustered to hear Scott's opinion on this.

While Franco and Scott discuss Nikolas, Elizabeth will be spending some time with him elsewhere. It appears that Liz may decide to open up to Nik a little bit about these developing struggles with Franco.

Something will prompt Nik to say that how Liz feels about something doesn't matter, and she'll look like she's taking his advice seriously. It could be that he will be telling her that if Franco isn't offended by Ava's invitation regarding the portrait unveiling, then she shouldn't be offended either.

SheKnows Soaps indicates that soon viewers will see Liz and Jason have a candid discussion. It's possible that Elizabeth's conversation with Nikolas might have something to do with whatever she discusses with Jason as well.

Despite her reservation, Elizabeth and Nikolas are reconnecting and starting to lean on one another, which is exactly what Ava wants. Both Nik and Ava want the other to break the terms of their post-nuptial agreement by being unfaithful, and they are both individually hoping to use Franco and Liz to make that happen.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that this situation will come to a head soon, but it seems unlikely to fully play out before the upcoming hiatus and slate of reruns. Fans won't be happy if Nikolas and Ava really do cause lasting trouble for Elizabeth and Franco, and it sounds as if Tuesday's show will be key in showing where this heads next.