'Dragon Ball Super' Chapter 60 Spoilers, Release Date: Goku Could Unleash Mastered Ultra Instinct Against Moro

Dragon Ball Super manga continues to get intense as Son Goku and Moro finally engage in a one-on-one battle. Son Goku went back to Earth after training his Ultra Instinct with Merus, who -- like Whis -- is an Angel. From the time he landed on his home planet, Son Goku immediately demonstrated the result of his training, including the tremendous improvement in his speed and battle power, plus his ability to activate Ultra Instinct at will.

Unfortunately, though he managed to land critical blows against Moro, Son Goku's power was clearly not enough to completely defeat the main antagonist of Dragon Ball Super Galactic Patrol Saga. In the upcoming chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Otakukart predicts Son Goku to finally unleash Mastered Ultra Instinct to take down Moro and save Earth from being destroyed.

"At the end of the current manga chapter, Goku hints that he has been holding back to conserve stamina on the advice of Merus but that strategy may not work on Moro. Moro still looks confident against Goku. He was surprised by the God-Like powers of Goku when he revealed Ultra-Instinct but countered it by a simple power-up as if he has an unlimited source of power. Goku might power up to the Gray Hair Form of Ultra Instinct which he used against Jiren. But will it be enough?"
Son Goku may already be capable of using the god's technique whenever he likes, but Merus revealed that as of now, he has only reached Ultra Instinct Sign. Also, Merus advised Son Goku to conserve his energy and practice the Stamina Balancing Act. As their fight continues, Moro is starting to notice that Son Goku is losing his stamina quickly. To defeat Son Goku, Moro -- who admitted that he still hasn't used his full strength -- said that he only needs to stall until the Saiyan goes back to his normal form.
In the final scenes of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 59, Son Goku apologized to Merus and revealed that he's already planning to go all-out against Moro. Once Son Goku reaches his limit, there's a strong possibility that he unleashes the Mastered Ultra Instinct, just like he did in the Tournament of Power when he beat Universe 11 Pride Trooper Jiren the Gray, the mortal who is stronger than a God of Destruction.

However, with Moro still hiding plenty of tricks up his sleeve, it remains a big question mark if the Mastered Ultra Instinct would be enough for Son Goku to obtain victory. Aside from seeing the Mastered Ultra Instinct, Otakukart already predicted the return of Vegeta to Earth in the upcoming chapter of Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 is set to be officially released on May 20, 2020.