WWE News: Sid Vicious Says Hulk Hogan Was ‘Screaming And Crying’ After ‘Royal Rumble’ 1992

The early ’90s were a strange time in WWE when the changing of the guard was coming in, and Sid Vicious says it led to Hulk Hogan “screaming and crying.” Many fans have called the 1992 Royal Rumble the best in history, but it wasn’t met very well by everyone in the locker room. Vicious recalls that he did not only jump to the top of the ladder in the company, but he was also ready to leave due to promises not delivered.

Several veterans in the WWF/WWE locker room didn’t like Vicious (Sid Justice) to come in and start working with Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior. When he won the Royal Rumble, it signaled the first real moment that Hogan wasn’t sitting on top of everything.

In a recent interview with Wrestling Inc., Vicious discussed the Royal Rumble, which did not sit well with Hogan.

“Most of them were jealous to the point that I actually gave my notice. At the Royal Rumble, when they booed Hogan, Hogan came back into the locker room, screaming and crying at Vince and saying he planned that to happen to him.”

At the end of the match, Vicious eliminated Hogan, who stayed at ringside and argued with the refs. Hogan reached up, grabbed his former friend’s arm, and that allowed Ric Flair to dump him out of the ring for the victory.

The fans were backing Sid big time at this point and turning on Hogan in an unprecedented turn of events. At WrestleMania VIII, Flair lost the WWF World Championship to Randy Savage while the main event saw Hogan defeat Sid by disqualification.

Earlier in the year at the Royal Rumble, Sid went to Vince McMahon as he was ready to leave WWE. He said that the promotion never delivered on its promises, but Vince was not yet prepared to let him go.

“I actually went to Vince that night and offered my handshake and said, ‘Vince, I gotta go.’ Everything he promised me to come there never worked out, and I left a lot of guaranteed money in WCW to come work for just a percentage of houses. I didn’t put an ultimatum on them, but I took a big chance going there.”

Sid Vicious reportedly failed a drug test, according to 411 Mania, which led to him quitting WWE in April of 1992. He returned to WCW a year later, but it didn’t last long. Vicious would eventually head back to WWE and win the world championship.

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