Jessa Duggar Lets Her Boys Get Into A Dirty Mess Playing In The Mud, Says They Are ‘Best Friends’

Jessa Duggar has no problem finding fun things for her kids to do at home, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. On Sunday, the Counting On star posted an Instagram video and a picture of her two boys, Spurgeon, 4, and Henry, 3, out in the yard getting all dirty as they played in the mud.

The boys looked like they were having tons of fun together. The photo showed the Duggar grandsons with speckles of mud on their faces and lots of the dirty stuff all over their clothes. They had their arms around each other and smiled big for the camera as their picture was being taken.

Jessa deemed them “best friends.” When asked if they really were buddies in the video clip, Spurgeon nodded and said “yeah.”

Spurgeon then proceeded to take the lead and jump into the nearest mud puddle. Henry followed him with his big yellow cup in his hand and started scooping up the muddy water. The boys discovered a new way of playing baseball without a ball and bat. Spurgeon picked up a tree branch with a few leaves attached and began hitting the mud as his little brother threw it into the air.

Both boys wore blue shirts and dark-colored shorts, which were pretty soaked with mud. Ben Seewald had shared a video of his sons on his Instagram as well. He explained that they were occupied playing in the mud for two straight hours. The clip showed Jessa washing most of the mud off the boys with water from a watering can. They then went inside to take a real shower.

Ben and Jessa’s third child, Ivy Jane, was nowhere to be seen during her brothers’ muddy fun. She may have been taking a nap inside or she could have possibly been sitting on the sidelines watching everything. Ben was busy taking the video, as fans could hear his comments a few times encouraging Spurgeon and Henry as they got cleaned up.

On Saturday, Jessa Duggar also posted a sweet video of Ivy Jane as she has learned to walk. She appeared to be a bit wobbly, but the 11-month-old took quite a few steps in the living room. The reality star was quite excited about it and fans seemed to love it as well.

The mom-of-three doesn’t seem to mind her kids getting dirty. As seen on TLC, the Duggar clan spends plenty of time doing things outdoors, and Jessa has just continued that tradition.

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