Adele’s Trainer, Pete Geracimo, Provides Weight Loss Tips, Say It’s ‘Easier Than You Think’

Fitness trainer Pete Geracimo helped guide Adele through a shocking weight loss journey that yielded amazing results. Naturally, he has received a lot of questions from people wondering what his secrets are. He is now providing his best tips to get healthy and lose weight, according to Insider.

Geracimo, 48, is from London, and he helped Adele with her weight loss journey over a period of four years. Not only did he help her shed pounds, but he helped her kick bad habits which ultimately allowed her to achieve a sustainable, healthier life. He takes a different sort of look at fitness, emphasizing that it doesn’t have to be a miserable journey, but one needs to be totally dedicated to it and stick with it, he explained.

“My main piece of advice to anyone wanting to make healthy changes to themselves is to be fully committed to the whole process and above all else to be patient. Ultimately, exercise is supposed to enhance and complement our daily lives by making everyday tasks easier. I believe exercise selection must adapt to suit the person and not the other way around. There is no sense in forcing someone to do something if there is no joy in it — that’s torture.”

He noted that getting healthier is “easier than you think,” but requires discipline and consistency.

His weight loss tips include three main components: a balanced diet, consistent exercise every day, and good sleep. By utilizing these three steps combined, results will occur slowly but they will last longer than quick fixes like diet fads.

In fact, he emphasized that he doesn’t promote any sort of fad diet, diet pill, or supplement. The only two things he promotes are nutrition and exercise.

While Geracimo leads his clients through serious workouts, often pushing them to their limits, there is still an element of fun to the process. He makes sure there are plenty of laughs along the way in every training session.

During his time working with Adele, the pair would train together two or three times a week if her schedule permitted. The majority of her workouts included weight training and boxing with cardio thrown in.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Adele lost around 100 pounds during her weight loss journey. She is reportedly feeling better both mentally and physically upon reaching this goal. She also quit smoking and lessened her drinking to further jump start her new healthy lifestyle.

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