May 15, 2020
Spoilers For 'General Hospital' Tease New Pregnancy Bombshell Tidbits

New General Hospital spoilers about an upcoming storyline development are sure to get fans buzzing and forming some wild theories. It was recently teased that someone is Port Charles is about to learn she is pregnant. Now, new details suggest that the person involved might not be the most obvious guess.

The new issue of Soap Opera Digest contains some juicy tidbits about this surprise pregnancy. Co-head writer Dan O'Connor shared just enough to generate some buzz, and perhaps some doubt, but not enough to pinpoint who is involved.

"In a shocking twist, one of our beloved characters finds out that she is expecting a child -- and this pregnancy could be a sign that a long-brewing conflict is about to reach its climax, one that will have lasting ramifications for all of Port Charles," teases O'Connor.

Up to this point, Molly Lansing-Davis seemed the most likely Port Charles resident to become pregnant. She had that one-night stand with Brando while TJ was missing, and fans have suspected she would end up pregnant without knowing who the baby's father was.

It does still seem like Molly would be the obvious choice for a wild pregnancy storyline. However, these new General Hospital spoilers from O'Connor seem like they might be pointing in another direction.

For one thing, it seems a stretch to say that Molly ending up pregnant, perhaps with Brando's baby, is linked to a long-brewing conflict that is ready to hit a climax. Brando is relatively new in town, and TJ isn't exactly the dramatic type. Having Molly end up pregnant would impact a fair number of people, but some might say that this just doesn't seem to fit together quite right.

Granted, there are plenty of women in Port Charles who could find themselves facing an unexpected pregnancy. Willow has been another popular guess among General Hospital fans, and finding herself pregnant now would definitely impact plenty of people.

Chase is heartbroken over pushing her away to marry Michael, and Willow might not be able to maintain this marriage ruse if she's carrying her former beau's baby. If she steps away from the marriage, that gives Nelle an advantage in the custody battle over Wiley. That baby saga has certainly been a long-brewing conflict about to climax.

Other popular guesses include having Sasha, Lulu, or Maxie pregnant. The argument could be made that any of those women being pregnant would set the stage for a fair amount of drama. Lulu continues to face scrutiny from Olivia for her relationship with Dustin, while Maxie is in love with sketchy Peter. Sasha is heartbroken and seemingly about to get hooked on drugs, and each of those characters is connected to many others in town.

Some fans might make a case for someone like Elizabeth ending up pregnant since she and Franco are struggling a bit thanks to Ava and Nikolas. Jordan could be pregnant, and the climax ahead could be related to trying to resolve the Cyrus drama without anybody else getting hurt, an even bigger priority if she's expecting a baby.

According to SheKnows Soaps, viewers will see a bit of most of these characters in the four new episodes set to air during the week of May 18. It's not known exactly when this pregnancy will be revealed, but viewers might start seeing some clues with Monday's show.

Will the show keep it simple and go with the obvious pick of Molly, or is a bigger shocker on the way? General Hospital spoilers hint that the answer will come soon, and fans will be eager to see where this is headed.