May 15, 2020
'General Hospital' Weekly Spoilers: Michael Battles, Nelle Surprises, & Carly's Facing Scrutiny

General Hospital spoilers tease that the week of May 18 will be filled with juicy drama that viewers will not want to miss. New episodes are slated to air Monday through Thursday, and there's a lot of action to pack into these four shows.

Much of the coming week will focus on Nelle and Michael's custody battle over Wiley. Michael and Willow got married just ahead of the court hearing, but Nelle managed to tie the knot too. She will be revealing her husband in court during Monday's show, and this should cause some major waves.

Carly would do anything in the world to help Michael gain custody of her grandson. Unfortunately, Carly's history is pretty sketchy and General Hospital spoilers hint that she might end up hurting -- rather than helping -- his case.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Diane will meet with Carly during Tuesday's show. On Wednesday, Carly's credibility will be put under a microscope -- and this could cause some wrinkles in Michael's quest for custody.

Nelle managed to get married just hours before the court hearing, and she's prepared to give this fight everything she's got. General Hospital spoilers indicate that during the May 21 episode, she'll put on the best show of her life.

Those who know Nelle well might see through these performances, but it sounds as if the judge may buy it hook, line, and sinker.

Viewers will see developments with other Port Charles residents during the week of May 18 as well. Molly will be doing her best to forge forward with TJ. However, a pregnancy surprise is on the way, and Molly seems a prime candidate to have an unplanned bun in the oven.

General Hospital spoilers detail that there's chaos related to Cyrus on the way too. Sonny and Jordan will butt heads over how to handle the new mobster in town, and Cyrus will turn on the charm for Ava. Elizabeth will get real with Jason, and this may be related to the mob drama.

Elsewhere, Valentin will be taking a big step in his secretive plans. He has a big announcement to share, and it seems likely this will be related to his ELQ plans. The week ahead also brings more with Robert as he tries to figure out for certain what really happened to Holly.

Unfortunately, ABC runs out of new episodes of General Hospital after next Thursday. The network will air reruns until the cast and crew can start filming again.