NFL Rumors: Jadeveon Clowney Is On The Tennessee Titans’ Radar, Despite Lack Of Solid Talks

The Tennessee Titans aren’t ruling out signing Jadeveon Clowney. Of course, they aren’t going all-in on signing him either. A new report by Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk says the Titans haven’t made a move toward the defensive end just yet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t. Alper said the team’s head coach, Mike Vrabel, made an appearance on Sirius XM Radio on Thursday and talked about the chances they might sign Clowney.

Vrabel said the Titans are still open to signing Clowney. He didn’t make any sort of comment that could be construed as the team making progress toward a new contract.

“Not talked to JD personally. I would say Jon and I continue to evaluate the roster and the available free agents. As of now, I would say that nothing is off the table but nothing is certainly on the table either. He’s not on the team.”

For his part, Clowney made it clear earlier in the spring he understood his finding a new team could be a slow process, according to Alper. Clowney pointed to the fact that teams want to know if he’s 100 percent healthy. That’s difficult to do when dealing with the current situation and the coronavirus outbreak.

As The Inquisitr reported earlier this month, the Titans have shown interest in Clowney before. The Cleveland Browns have as well.

If recent comments from NFL analysts can be believed, it’s possible the race to land the defensive end only has two real contenders at the moment. The New York Jets and the Philadelphia Eagles are both teams mentioned at one time as being interested in Clowney. Analysts around both teams are now advocating they should stay away.

Brian Costello of the New York Post addressed whether or not he thought the Jets could afford to sign Clowney. He said the issue wasn’t whether or not the team could afford the player. It was more about whether or not the team should spend the money it had on a player that might still be injured. Because teams aren’t able to do the kind of examinations, Costello believes the Jets should stay away from Clowney.

Marcus Hayes of the Philadelphia Inquirer had a similar sentiment. He believes it is more about the cost for the Eagles.

The analyst thinks Clowney will cost around $15-$20 million for a single year deal. He doesn’t think the defender is going to get offered more than that. If the Jets and Eagles do back away from the table, the Titans could end up being the last team standing, even if Vrabel won’t say how much interest they really have.

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