Will Smith Drops Legendary Verse For Joyner Lucas, Rappers Collab On ‘Will’ Remix

Joyner Lucas and Will Smith rocked the internet Thursday with the release of their collaboration on the remix for Lucas’ song, “Will.”

The promotional video for the remix features animated versions of the two rappers. Side-by-side, the cartoon characters stand still, with their hands in their pockets as they bob their heads to the music. Both rappers pay homage to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, with Lucas rocking Smith’s prep school uniform from the iconic sitcom and Smith rocking a burgundy Bel-Air athletics sweat suit.

Smith starred on the popular ’90s sitcom for six seasons and served as executive producer. The series became a cultural treasure and — still running in syndication — remains a fan favorite. Smith paid respect in his verse with a “rest in peace” mention of the late James Avery, who played his “Uncle Phil” on the show. The Inquisitr reported on the actor earlier this year when he brought the cast back together for a brief virtual reunion in celebration of the show’s 30-year anniversary.

The idea of celebrating legacy and honoring those who came before is commendable. When Smith caught wind of Lucas’ original record — which paid homage to the former Fresh Prince star — he said he was impressed and humbled. Jumping on the remix, Smith took the record to another level when he expanded the praise and recognition beyond himself. He not only poured acknowledgment back into Lucas, but he enlarged the record, mentioning several other greats as he shared the spotlight.

Staying with the theme of giving the legends their flowers while they’re still here, Lucas and Smith are showered with roses in the animated video. Paying respect to those who inspired him, Smith mentioned Nelson Mandela, Julius Irving, and Muhammad Ali. He also shouted out fellow actor and comedian Martin Lawrence.

“Martin Lawrence get a rose too / he a legend and a G.O.A.T. too,” he rapped. The acronym “G.O.A.T.” is slang for “greatest of all time” and is a fitting attribute in the song where the two musicians took the time to acknowledge their greatest inspirations, as well as each other.

With a light flex, Smith also rapped his way through his resume. Taking listeners back to his hip hop beginnings with DJ Jazzy Jeff, the actor reminded fans he was moving impressive units before streaming sales and access to instant gratification.

“Back before there was streaming sales, way before all the iTunes and the fans had to get CDs still / 60 million records sold, I was on fire I ain’t even need a grill / Did it all with no cuss words, I ain’t have to curse just to keep it real”

Lucas released the original track just two months ago in March. The release went viral as he took the opportunity to pay tribute to Smith both lyrically and visually. In the video, Lucas creatively took a walk through the other man’s career.

In the remix, Smith poured the inspiring energy back into Lucas, telling him he is on his way to becoming legendary, as well.

“Man I love how you break the rules, pushing limits and you make it cool / Joyner Lucas wasn’t made to lose, you a legend in the making, too”

He went from honoring the cultural icon to collaborating with him.

“Glad I could help so you could be straight,” Smith rapped, directly referring to blessing Lucas’ track with a verse.

Lucas took a moment to breathe in the mind-blowing accomplishment, posting the video to his Facebook account with a simple caption.

“Can’t tell me that god isn’t real.”

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