Kanye West Is The ‘Neediest, Moodiest’ Client, According To Celeb Bodyguard

Kanye West attends the Fast Company Innovation Festival - Day 3 Arrivals on November 07, 2019 in New York City.
Brad Barket / Getty Images

Kanye West’s former bodyguard slammed him in a recent interview with the podcast “Hollywood Raw,” where he blasted the rapper as the “neediest, moodiest” client he has ever worked with.

Steve Stanulis is a former New York Police Department officer and a celebrity bodyguard-turned-director and actor who worked with West on numerous occasions. He recalled instances where West was too intoxicated to find his room at a hotel and wandered into a room occupied by an Italian dignitary, and he explained the complex rules that West forced his team to follow.

West wanted his bodyguard to stay 10 paces behind him at all times, which Stanulis said made it difficult for him to actually protect the Yeezy designer if something happened.

He also said that West expected him to push the button in the elevator for the floor they were headed to at the studio on the first time he worked with West. When Stanulis said he didn’t know what floor they should go to since it was his first day, West got upset, arguing that the bodyguard should have called ahead to find out where they were going.

He said he told his employer that they could either he could tell him the right button, push it himself, or they could sit and argue. West pushed the button himself, Stanulis said. The bodyguard said he was frequently forced to give West three options when they had a conflict.

He also recalled the time that West was “intoxicated” at the Waldorf hotel where he was staying. He tried to guide West to the right room but recounts, “you can’t talk to the guy,” and the rapper insisted he knew where he was headed. West ended up encountering the Italian dignitary’s bodyguards.

“They didn’t know who [West] was. There was a language barrier. It was like a Mexican standoff,” Stanulis said.

There was another instance where West had gotten into an argument with someone and was walking down the side of the highway. Stanulis was called to go pick West up, but when he arrived, West balked at getting into the car with kid seats in the rear. Once again, Stanulis gave West the three options and he eventually hopped in.

The former cop said that when he worked with West and his wife Kim Kardashian, with whom he is reportedly disagreeing during quarantine, at New York Fashion Week, he suspected that the couple called the paparazzi in advance to let them know where they would be going. When he tried to protect the designer from the group, West got upset that Stanulis was blocking him from the cameras.

West is one of his “least favorite people” to work with, Stanulis said, and when asked who was the neediest celebrity he worked with, he quickly answered “Kanye West.” He also called the rapper the “moodiest” celebrity he protected and the worst tipper in a restaurant. When asked which celebrity he wanted to work with again the least, the answer was, once again, West.

On the positive side, Stanulis said that while West may be difficult, he is also the hardest working celeb that he has worked with.