May 15, 2020
Derek Hough Quips His Inner Voice Sounds Like 'An Annoyed Mother' In New Video

Derek Hough quipped his inner voice sounded like "an annoyed mother" in a hilarious new Instagram video. He was attempting to indulge in some quarantine snacks much to his conscience's disdain. The dance professional was photographed alongside longtime love Hayley Erbert in the quick video, initially uploaded to the social media sharing app TikTok.

In the caption of the share, Derek made the aforementioned statement as a woman's voice is heard saying "no" each and every time he attempted to put a portion of unhealthy food into his mouth.

The first snack was a bar of chocolate. The second was a handful of red licorice candy he held tightly in his left hand and an Oreo cookie in his right.

His inner voice changed her word to "exactly" when Derek picked up a healthier choice snack of a stalk of celery, but his face looked unhappy at the promise of eating the vegetable. It appeared he would have rather eaten the treats.

In the background, Hayley was seen washing her hands at the kitchen sink.

Derek has been making fun, short videos for his followers since the period of self-quarantining began. It has been a way for him to unleash his creativity and bring some joy to his fans also remaining at home in an attempt to remain healthy during the coronavirus pandemic.

The six-time Dancing with the Stars mirrorball-winning pro was dressed casually in the clip. He sported a gray baseball cap worn backward upon his blond tresses. A white T-shirt covers his chest.

Behind him, Hayley is wearing a pink spaghetti strap tank top, a black baseball cap, and short shorts as she participated in the video by, per her remarks in the video's comments section, "100% throwing shade in the back."

The couple stood in their pristine, white kitchen. The area is flanked with white cabinetry, marble countertops, and stainless steel appliances.

Fans of the couple laughed at the absurdity of the clip and shared their comments below.

"I love how Hayley is always in the background like wtf is happening?" joked one follower.

"The level of entertainment you provide is off the charts!" stated a second Instagram user.

"Thank you for the reminder to eat healthily, it's so hard!" said a third fan of the professional dancer.

"One your inner voice sounds like Hayley and two, My friend once told me her mom said, that's how nice girls eat celery," quipped a fourth follower.