Jimmer Fredette Sues Utah Clothing Company

Jimmer Fredette sued a Utah-based clothing company this week for more than $50,000 in unpaid royalties.

According to Slam Online, Fredette filed his lawsuit against Black Clover Enterprises on Monday in Utah’s 3rd District Court. The lawsuit claims that the clothing company breached its contract with Fredette and now owes the NBA star $50,000.

Yahoo News reports that Fredette and Black Cover signed a contract in March 2012. Fredette agreed to appear in Black Cover apparel at various media events and promote the brand via social media. Black Cover agreed to pay the NBA star $50,000 a year plus royalties on endorsed products.

Fredette says that he has fulfilled his part of the agreement and is now waiting for payment from the company.

Brett Wayment, one of Black Clover’s owners, didn’t comment directly on the situation but said that his company always honors its contracts. Wayment said that he hopes to work with Jimmer to make this a win-win situation

Wayment said: “We like Jimmer and his family … and want to keep the relationship healthy.”

Jimmer is currently in his second year with the Sacramento Kings where he is making about $2.4 million a year.

Are you a fan of Jimmer Fredette? Are you surprised that he’s suing Black Clover for $50,000?

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