The Cast Of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Thanks The Show’s Fans Before Its Series Finale

Viola Davis and her How to Get Away with Murder co-stars reflected on their time with the show before its series finale on Thursday, May 14.

Viewers will say goodbye to Annalise Keating and her gang after six seasons. The show was created by Peter Nowalk and was executive produced by Shonda Rhimes. In honor of the series’ finale, People sat down with several members of the cast, including Davis, who played the lead role of Keating. Davis was the first to thank the fans of the show. She applauded them for their commitment to the show over the past few years.

“Thank you for bringing yourself into it and opening yourself up for 42 minutes and inviting us into your lives because it’s been a hell of a ride,” Davis shared in the featurette.

In addition to Davis, Alfred Enoch, who played law student Wes Gibbons, added that he’s grateful the fans have stayed with the show throughout the years. He also mentioned that being a fan of HTGAWM isn’t always easy due to the twists and turns that transpire. Enoch’s character, for instance, made a surprising return in Season 6 after he was killed off in Season 3.

“I’m sorry,” Enoch began. “It must have been an exasperating experience watching the show with all the cliffhangers and the twists and turns. I say I’m sorry, it’s not my fault. I haven’t written it, so don’t get cross with me actually.”

Another cast member said he’s been blamed for several of the show’s plots. Tom Verica, who played Annalise’s late husband, Sam, says he often gets “cursed out” by fans when he gets recognized. Although his character died in Season 1, he has been linked to several dramatic moments. Most recently, it was revealed in Season 6 that he is secretly the father to Annalise’s longtime employee, Frank (Charlie Weber).

Several more cast members, including Jack Falahee (Connor Walsh) shared what the show has meant to them. The series premiered in September of 2014. HTGAWM was Davis’ first starring role in a television drama. She has often credited her role as Annalise for making her a stronger actress and person. Her role earned her an Emmy in 2015. Davis said leaving the character is “bittersweet” and said the show “shifted the face of television.”

The series finale of How To Get Away With Murder is set to answer some of the burning questions from the season. Season 6 has followed Annalise as she’s on trial after being accused of several crimes that transpired on the show, including the death of her ex-husband. Co-creator Peter Nowalk told People last week that not all of the characters get a happy ending in the finale.

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