May 14, 2020
Spoilers For 'General Hospital' Tease That A Surprise Pregnancy Will Cause Chaos In Port Charles

New General Hospital spoilers reveal that someone is about to learn they have a bun in the oven. Unfortunately, this upcoming pregnancy reveal may not be one that is entirely joyful.

According to SheKnows Soaps, some major conflict is about to emerge as a result of somebody discovering that they are pregnant. At the moment, the people involved have not been revealed.

The timing of this revelation has not yet been pinpointed either. However, it sounds as if this will pop up during one of the four remaining new episodes set to air during the week of May 18.

It seems likely that viewers may only get to find which Port Charles resident is pregnant during the coming week. The resulting drama that comes as others find out may have to wait until the production of new General Hospital episodes can begin again.

Which character will end up pregnant? Fans are doing plenty of speculating, and there are multiple possibilities.

Perhaps the most obvious choice would be to have Molly turn up pregnant. She had that one-night stand with Brando and has been struggling with guilt ever since learning that TJ hadn't intentionally ghosted her.

Molly might be the most likely candidate, but she certainly is not the only person in Port Charles who could fit this vague teaser.

There is heartbreak all around right now with Michael, Willow, Sasha, and Chase, due to the fake fling and quickie wedding that has taken place. If either Willow turned up pregnant with Chase's baby -- or Sasha with Michael's -- it would generate a lot of uncertainty.

Probably less likely but still possibilities that could spark drama would be for either Lulu or Maxie to be pregnant. Lulu is involved with Dustin now, but just this week, she had some issues with Olivia over Dante.

There has even been some speculation that Dante might be headed back to Port Charles soon. If Dante were to return and find that Lulu has moved on and is bearing her new beau's child, that would make for some soapy drama.

With Maxie, a pregnancy probably wouldn't initially prompt that much conflict. However, at some point, Peter will be exposed for all that he's done wrong.

For Maxie to be pregnant and then learn that the man she loves is as evil as he ever was would be chaotic. On the other hand, Maxie was pregnant with baby James when Nathan died. It seems fairly unlikely that the show would have her go through another pregnancy and lost love storyline.

If Molly ends up with a soapy "who's the daddy" scenario, it's easy to see why this would prompt a lot of conflicts. She may be the most likely candidate to align with this juicy spoiler, but Willow seems a prime candidate as well.

Who will be pregnant and how will it impact others in Port Charles? General Hospital spoilers hint that at least some answers will come during the week ahead. Fans are curious to see where this heads.