Nintendo Announces A New ‘Paper Mario’ Game With A July Release Date

On Thursday morning, Nintendo announced that a brand new Paper Mario game will be arriving on Nintendo Switch on July 17. The new action-adventure game is titled Paper Mario: The Origami King.

According to the official Paper Mario website, the game will follow Mario and his new partner Olivia as they team up with unlikely allies such as Bowser and the Shy Guys to battle the Origami King and his nefarious fiends. The goal will be to free Princess Peach’s castle from King Ollie and his henchmen.

The website also details new gaming mechanics such as the use of the 1,000 Fold Arms ability, which will allow players to extend Mario’s arms so they can interact with the environment and solve various puzzles scattered throughout the adventure.

Along with the new abilities, Paper Mario: The Origami King will introduce a new ring-based battle system that will require players to combine puzzle-solving skills and strategic wit to defeat various enemies throughout the game.

The Nintendo website published the official press release, and Nick Chavez, the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Nintendo, made a statement about the game’s debut.

“‘Paper Mario: The Origami King’ delivers a grand new adventure on Nintendo Switch for players to wrap themselves up in. This game marks the debut of the ‘Paper Mario’ series on Nintendo Switch, expanding the vast library of games with another standout entry in a beloved franchise.”

The Nintendo of America Twitter account tweeted the game trailer this morning. It quickly became a hot topic on Twitter, reaching the number one trending topic spot. The official tweet attracted over 68,000 likes and more than 26,500 comments.

Fans have expressed their enthusiasm for the new game in the comments section. Several users wrote that they thought the new game looked much better than previous games in the franchise such as Sticker Star and Color Splash.

“No idea what to expect in the new ‘Paper Mario,’ but the line ‘Will you crease yourself and be reborn, like me?’ is some hardcore sh*t. There are horror movies that wish they had that line,” joked one social media user.

Many people were also excited by the announcement coming just a few months ahead of the release date, meaning fans will not have to wait long to play the game. Currently, Paper Mario: The Origami King is available to pre-order digitally on the Nintendo Switch. Fans who pre-purchase the game can download it early and play immediately upon release. It is being sold for a suggested retail price of $59.99.

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