May 14, 2020
LeSean McCoy Said Spoiling 'Avengers: Endgame' Was The Worst Decision Of His Life

While LeSean McCoy is busy looking forward to finding his new team, he also recently looked back at what he called one of the biggest mistakes of his life. McCoy sat down for an interview with Kyle Brandt on Good Morning Football earlier this week and talked about the time he accidentally spoiled a rather large plot point from Avengers: Endgame. Brandt later posted the interview on Twitter.

McCoy got to see the movie ahead of most of his fans, making the spoiler he posted that much worse. As Brandt pointed out, not long after the former Kansas City Chiefs star saw the film, he took to social media to post "RIP my dog Toney Stark." Misspelling of the name aside, the death of Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, was something that elicited huge reactions from fans in the final chapter of the Avengers saga.

McCoy explained to the Good Morning Football crew that all of this came about because he's not a huge comic book fan but his son is a devotee. He said after he met Paul Rudd, who played Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, McCoy's son kept asking him whether he thought Iron Man could beat up Spider-Man. Eventually, his son pestering him about the hypothetical duel led to McCoy going to see Endgame.

He further explained that when he was a kid he loved comic book heroes, but he doesn't really follow them anymore, so he had no idea people would be as upset as they were when he tweeted out the massive spoiler. He said if he understood people got into the movies as much as they did, he never would have done it.

After getting ribbed by Brandt for giving away a key piece of the movie, McCoy shared that the tweet haunted him for months after the fact. The running back said he'd even go to grocery stores and have "old ladies" come up to him and ask why he told everyone what happened to Stark.

While the interview was lighthearted, it's obvious there are some Avengers: Endgame fans who still have a problem with what McCoy did. One of the first Twitter users to comment on Brandt's post laid out why they were so upset with the player's behavior.

"Look, I have no problem with him making a mistake because he didn't know any better but what actually p*ssed me off is when people told him to take it down because most people hadn't seen it yet he doubled and tripled down with more tweets about the movie and spoilers."