'Dark' Season 3: Show's Creator Announces Work Complete On Final Installment, Trailer Coming Soon

Netflix's Dark was a surprise hit for the streaming service when it premiered late in 2017. With the final installment set to drop this year, one of the show's creators has just announced that work has been completed, giving viewers hope that everything is still on schedule for a 2020 release.

Fans have been wondering when the third installment of the German time-traveling series will be dropping. With the social distancing rules in place regarding the current coronavirus pandemic, many networks are having to delay production. The assumption had been made for many that the same would be true for Dark.

However, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, work still continued behind the scenes. Luckily, filming had been completed prior to lockdown, and it was down to whether post-production work could continue. One of the show's creators, Baran bo Odar, had been keeping fans informed via his Instagram account, and it was noted recently that he was able to do post-production work on Season 3.

At the time, he had stated that there were only two more episodes that needed work. Now, the creator's latest post states that post-production work has been completed.

"And that's it," bo Odar posted.

"We are finally done with all the work on Dark Season 3, the final chapter. Post-production is done!"
While the completion of post-production work is a good indicator that Season 3 could arrive mostly on its predicted schedule, bo Odar also noted that a trailer was imminent — another indicator that a Season 3 release date could be arriving shortly.

"And yes... the teaser will be out soon," he said in conclusion to his Instagram post.

This is exciting news for viewers as many were hoping that the third season of Dark would drop on June 27, which is the date revealed in Season 2 as being the beginning of the show's apocalypse. This date was also based on the fact that Season 2 had previously dropped on another date significant for the TV series. With that date also falling in June, it seemed likely that Netflix could continue on in this pattern. However, viewers suspected that it would change with the advent of COVID-19 and new social distancing laws.

As yet, no synopsis for Season 3 has been released. However, Season 2 of Dark saw the main group of characters still trying to stop the time loop that they were stuck in. As a result, it seems likely that the final installment will continue on in this manner.