May 14, 2020
WWE News: Christian Explains Why He Can't Wrestle Again

Former WWE superstar Christian spoke to TalkSport's Alex McCarthy on Thursday and discussed a variety of topics, one of which was why he can never return to in-ring competition. Some fans have hoped that Christian will follow Edge and Daniel Bryan out of retirement, both of whom were previously forced to hang up their boots due to career-ending injuries, only to return to action at a later date.

According to the Christian, that's not possible for him. The former world champion revealed that the circumstances surrounding the injury that forced him to retire in 2014 are much different from those of his counterparts, meaning that he probably couldn't wrestle again even if he wanted to.

"They're different injuries. I just think that there's not enough known yet about concussions and those sorts of things. My situation is much different than Daniel Bryan's. He was, what, in his early 30s when this happened? I was in my 40s, so very different parts of our careers, and I feel like I'm content with what I accomplished."
Christian retired with a similar concussion injury to Bryan's, which is why some fans have wondered if he is interested in another run. Bryan kept trying to get medically cleared after he announced his retirement, and the doctors eventually determined that he was healthy enough to compete again.

However, Christian is currently 46 years old, which would mark the twilight stages of his career even if he still was still able to compete. He also seems happy outside of wrestling, which is rare for performers who have had to retire early. The former superstar said the only thing he never accomplished was headlining WrestleMania, but plenty of other notable talents haven't enjoyed that privilege either.

Of course, if Christian was interested in another outing in the squared circle, he'd likely keep the information to himself until the moment arrived. As The Inquisitr recently reported, the former world champion admitted that he wouldn't tell anyone because he'd want to surprise everyone.

During the interview, Christian also weighed in on Edge's surprising comeback. Even though they were tag team partners for years, he said that he and Edge have different mindsets in regards to wrestling. While Christian was satisfied with all he'd accomplished after being forced to call it quits, his best friend was a different story.

According to Christian, Edge didn't want to let an injury to decide how his WWE career ended, and that's why he worked hard to rewrite his story.