May 13, 2020
WWE News: The Undertaker Reveals How He Wants To Retire

The Undertaker is a legend in professional wrestling who will retire from WWE when he's ready and on his terms. The last four or five years have not been typical for him as far as being an in-ring competitor, but he's still performing at a high level. Seeing as he is 55 years old, numerous fans have been wondering when he will finally decide to step away, and the plan is to do it when he's at the top of his game.

For 30 years, The Undertaker has dominated the ring, and he was recently victorious in a "Boneyard Match" with AJ Styles. That bout took place at WrestleMania 36, and many fans are calling it the best match the legend has on his resume.

As he continues to go up in age, though, Taker knows that the end of his in-ring career is near. Mark Calaway knows the character of The Undertaker is not one likely to retire normally. He won't go in front of the fans and thank them for their support over the years.

In a recent interview with People, staying true to the character is something he wants to do when he's ready to step away from it all.

The Undertaker rides his motorcycle

There are far too many iconic matches to count from the historical career of The Undertaker, but his end isn't yet here. Taker has something particular in mind for his final match and how WWE is going to wish him a fond farewell from the squared circle.

Taker feels as if he still has something to give to professional wrestling, but he's looking for the "John Elway ending."

"The John Elway ending, when he went out and he won a couple of Super Bowls and then retired. Or Peyton Manning, he wins the Super Bowl, then retired. When I'm looking at it, I want that match, that match when it's just like, 'Oh yeah. Bam. I still got it. I got gas in the tank, I tore it down. Now walk away.'"
Both Elway and Manning won Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos and then retired when they were at their highest point.

The Undertaker has had more than a dozen title reigns during his WWE career and will go down as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He has earned the right to retire in a way that is fitting of his character, and it's going to take place when the time is right.