'General Hospital' Spoilers For Tuesday: Cyrus Does His Best To Leave Jordan Rattled & Uncertain

Tuesday's General Hospital spoilers tease that mobster Cyrus Renault will be doing his best to intimidate Port Charles police commissioner Jordan Ashford once again. He already forced her to engineer his release from Pentonville, but it looks like he intends to keep her under his thumb and leave her guessing as to what he might do next.

The sneak peek for the May 12 show shared on Twitter provides a glimpse of the next confrontation coming between Cyrus and Jordan. It's not known yet why the two run into one another or what else they say. However, at one point, Cyrus will ominously tell Jordan that he is sure their paths will cross again soon.

Jordan's facial expression as Cyrus says this shows that she is irate and disgusted by the mob boss and his style of taunting her. At the same time, Jordan doesn't exactly have the upper hand in this dynamic and she is well aware of that unfortunate fact.

After TJ's kidnapping and ensuring Cyrus' release from Pentonville, Jordan hoped that the mobster would consider them even and leave her alone. Unfortunately, he has already made it clear that he has other plans.

At the moment, General Hospital spoilers do not reveal much more about what Cyrus has planned as he settles down in Port Charles. Sonny and Cyrus made a deal with one another to co-exist in town, but neither of them plans to stick to their truce.

Cyrus believes that taking out Jason is the key to his success, while Sonny is aiming to destroy his nemesis when he lets down his guard.

It is known that Cyrus will continue to make his presence in Port Charles known. He recently left both Laura and Carly flustered and he'll have Curtis on edge due to his interest in Trina and Portia. Curtis, Sonny, and Jason have talked about proceeding with a plan, but it sounds as if this cat-and-mouse game will continue for a while.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Jordan will issue Sonny a warning of some sort during the show airing on Monday, May 18. As the week continues, Sonny will be suspicious about something and will be looking for answers of some sort.

Some of this upcoming action with Sonny will probably be related to his worries over his father Mike's declining condition. Despite difficult decisions that need to be made regarding Mike's care, Sonny won't be able to ignore Cyrus' presence and potential for trouble either.

Jordan, Curtis, Jason, and Sonny have come to an understanding that working together to take down Cyrus is a necessary, if unusual, alliance. General Hospital spoilers hint that the new mobster in town is going to be a challenge to topple, though, and fans have a feeling that things are going to get quite intense as this plays out.