WWE News: Superstar Makes History After Gaining Championship On ‘Monday Night Raw’

History was made on this week’s Monday Night Raw as one WWE superstar accomplished something before anyone else. In a very unexpected announcement, Becky Lynch let the world know she was pregnant and relinquished the Raw Women’s Championship. As Asuka accepted the title belt, she became the first person ever to accomplish an incredible WWE feat.

Asuka is now the Raw Women’s Champion after Lynch had to give up the title since she will not be competing for some time. According to a Wrestling Inc. report, this was more than just a title change as Asuka’s name will go in the record books for something much bigger.

Asuka is the first superstar to win the NXT Women’s Title, SmackDown Women’s Title, Raw Women’s Title, WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles, a Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and the Women’s match at the Royal Rumble.

This is a huge accomplishment, which is even more impressive since Asuka has only been with WWE since August 2015. Even though it will not be part of the record, Asuka also had two substantial win streaks in NXT, which are still intact. She surpassed Goldberg’s winning streak and also broke Rockin Robin’s championship title reign before moving to the main roster.

On Raw, Lynch came out to start the show and announced she was expecting her first child with Seth Rollins. The baby is due in December, so she needs to step away from the ring for nearly a year, bringing an end to her fantastic streak.

Lynch won the Women’s Championship from Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 35 and has held onto the title for more than a year. When Asuka won the Ladder Match at Sunday’s Money in the Bank, fans were excited at the idea of her having a feud with Lynch over the title.

The current storyline is now that before the pay-per-view, Lynch went and told WWE officials that she was expecting a child. She made arrangements with them to have the winner of the women’s Ladder Match actually win the Raw Women’s Championship instead of just earning a future title shot.

The precise way she became champion may not have been how Asuka was hoping to win the title, but it all worked out. Her WWE career is still in the early stages, and she has already set a record that may last forever, but there is so much more to come.

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